ALO Audio Rx amp

General Information

ALO Rx is utilizing dual power sources: two 3,7 volt rechargeable Li-ion batteries,small 2.5 * 0.5 * 4.2 inches of extruded aluminum in a footprint that mirrors a iPhone, thin and trim.


* Frequency response: ±1dB; 10Hz - 20kHz ±0.1dB @ 1V out
* Maximum output: 7.45V Peak to Peak
* Output source impedance: Less than 1Ω
* THD+N: 0.004% @ 1V RMS out into 24Ω
* Broadband noise: <10μV RMS, unweighted, integrated over 20Hz - 20kHz
* Output DC offset: <3mV
* Input impedance: 40kΩ
* Maximum input level: 5V RMS
* Channel tracking (gain difference between channels, all volume steps): <±0.2dB
* Gain: 1.5X /6X ---5V (switch-selectable), ±<0.5dB
* Dimensions: 4.2″ long x .5″ thick x 2.5″ wide

Latest reviews


Pros: Small, Light & LOng Battery Life. Most Important... Sounds Incredible!
Cons: Hard to suss out the volume
This is truly a great little portable amp.  I went from all the Headroom portable amps to the RSA 71-a. A huge improvement. For a while I used the little Micro3 I think it was called that ken was making. because I love all Ken's stuff at ALO. I tried the RX. WOW! It sounds very even and natural out of the box. The big surprise was after a month or so it started sounding better than my Ray Samuel's. I am alway a little shy on the Burn in thing. Sometimes it seems to be true and sometimes it does not. I suppose it really depends on the product. Damn it! The RX really burned in nicely. The highs and silky. Great Low end! At first I had my iMod w/ SR71a and listen through the Edition 8's. I also had a non imod with the RX. I started reaching for that one more often. I liked the sound of it more. I decided to get a second RX as a back up. (You never know). I put that one with the imod and put my Ray Samuel's in the drawer. I have never pulled it back out. In fact I am going to sell it. The RX top end is much softer and sweeter to my ears. I am a fan. I am super picky. I just got my LCD-2's and Wow! They sound amazing through this set up! If you can drop by Ken's store 32omh Audio or send him an email. This Amp deserves to be ranked much higher.
Try it!!!!!!


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