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ALO Audio Island

  1. PeterPangea
    Just what I was looking for! Solid on the go item
    Written by PeterPangea
    Published Nov 23, 2015
    Pros - Great build, nice sound, DAC + Amp combo, USB powered, different gain levels available
    Cons - USB powered, requires drivers on Windows, reduces laptop battery life
    Really quick, bought this at Canada Computers for a song, and it's been a great piece of kit! I had been agonizing on picking on a portable DAC/Amp combo for use with my laptop on the go, and this fit the bill perfectly. Blows the stock audio jack out of the water for sound quality, tightening up the low end, and opening up soundstage on the cans I've been using with it (SHP9500 and UE900), and construction quality looks like it's built to last.