Allander HF300 Hi Fi Stereo Headphones

General Information

Allander is the trademark of the House of Fraser in the UK.
These retro-looking 1970s headphones have the following information on the box:
Model: HF 300
Frequency Range: 18-24000 Hz
Impedance Range: 4-8 Ohm
Made in Japan
They have the large 1/4" stereo audio jack and a thick coiled audio cable.
Each headphone has a large rotary audio volume dial.
The marking on each side has a very small L and R letters in superscript font to indicate Left and Right sides.

Latest reviews

I have a set of a Allander HF400L Headphones and would lie to know where i could get another set and how much. I have tried to google it but no luck any help out there
This is to Night Crawler i got the end letter wrong the number is H.F400 R  you have a bad mouth
Dear Night Crawler is see you have deleted your comment of me being a liar.
Please tell me why
OK Night Crawler lets look to the future all the best
Night Crawler
Night Crawler
Night Crawler
Because the statement, which was obviously intended as a joke, went horribly wrong. That's why. lol
It's nothing personal. :p
Pros: Great Sound, Great looks
Cons: None
I found these at a charity shop in the UK for £5 (about $3 USD). Amazing sound and very comfortable on the head. Each side has a large rotary audio volume control. Fantastic to get the right balance according to your personal taste. The cord is thick and coiled so it can stretch. But what really attracted me to these headphones are its looks. They are just gorgeous retro-looking things of beauty. I also like that the seem very rare and hard to find. You almost do not find any reference to them on Google. Allander is a trademark specifically for "House of Fraser" ( in the UK. They are made in Japan (probably by Sony or some such and sold under a different name). I wish I knew more about them and the history of Allander. I also would like to know what they cost new at the time. Anyone having any information on these, please get in touch with me. Thanks for reading.
Are £5 about  $3 USD ??


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