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  1. dweaver
    Powerfull IEM in an extremely small package
    Written by dweaver
    Published Jul 12, 2014
    Pros - Very small and easy to wear. Wonderfull full sound with a good marriage between musicality and technical capability for a low price.
    Cons - Cable is a bit short.
    After starting to review a few IEM's in the past week I decided to slip these babies back into my ears as a reference point for the other IEM's. After doing so for a few minutes I realized these really needed a proper review as they definitely keep up with a lot of gear that is more expensive.

    As can be seen by the picture these are very tiny being the smallest IEM I have owned to date. They come in two types, an iDevice specific model and a single button android model. I have the android model and will have to assume they will sound the same sonically speaking. This IEM is very BASIC in regards to accessories only supplying the perfunctory 3 sets of sleeves with no case. It also has a short cable that is smaller than most IEM's and has an I jack as well as neck cinch.
    So what does all this minimalism mean? AMAZING BANG FOR YOUR BUCK!!!
    This IEM offers an amazing sound quality for $50 or less. I personally find no real weaknesses in the signature which is typical for this price range. Usually you get a signature that is tweaked in specific areas at the cost of other areas or overall clarity. In the case of the X323 you get solid full bass, a clear midrange, and treble that extends well but without being peaky or sibilant. There is a very mild amount of graininess in the treble but I only notice it occasionally. I would say this is a mid-centric IEM but only just and not and the detriment of the bass or treble.
    Out of the genres I listen to such as live acoustic music, Celtic music, jazz, classic rock, classical, country this IEM manages to perform them all well, offering a nice balanced sound for all of the genres. I own several AKG full size headphones and definitely hear a family resemblance in the signature. So these are an excellent option for anyone who loves the AKG house sound.
    I personally rank these as one of the best $50 or under IEM's I have owned and would say they compete well against many IEM's up to the $100 price point.
    1. Deviltooth
      I own these and love the tiny form factor, think the surprisingly thick cable is excellent (and the right length), but don't think the sound is spectacular for it's price.  It's competent but I find it a little mid bass heavy and the mids themselves have a slight veil.  Dynamic impact isn't there nor is sub bass extension.  They're good for the price but not great unless you have small ears and then they get an extra bump towards a recomendation.
      Deviltooth, Jul 12, 2014