Big Sound at a quality the few headphones can stand up to-no matter the size. Like the music legend...

AKG Q350 In Ear Headphones, Quincy Jones Signature Line

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  • Big Sound at a quality the few headphones can stand up to-no matter the size. Like the music legend whos name they bear , the Q350's are incredible performers.They deliver high accuracy sound with outstanding dynamics and bass response. Perfect for those on the go and featuring a "one of a kind" lookthat's so lightweight, you'll forget that you're wearing some of the best in-ear headphones available. Plus the Q350 is the perfect partner for use with smart phones allowing you to make and receive calls as well as control several music playback functions of the Iphone with it's in line remote control.

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  1. phdgangster
    "Very interesting in ear headphones"
    Pros - Sound for the price, Bass, Quite balanced, Design
    Cons - Cable too short, a little uncomfortable, very ear tip sensitive
    I have been listening on AKG Q350 for quite a while now, and I have to say these are actually pretty decent in ear headphones, particularly in terms of its balanced sound and the design, for the price, at least in my opinion. Actually, this earphone was actually an impulsive purchase for me as I was under a lot of stress with work at that time, so I need to splurge my hard earned money on something. And I have to say my impulsive decision was not bad at all.
    In terms of sound, I would say that these earphones are quite balanced with emphasis on bass, GRANTED, you are using the right ear tips. At first, I though these earphones sounded awful and was very disappointed that it was a Quincy Jones line, although it was the lowest level among the three headphones. So I started experimenting with the ear tips they provided first, and found that the large ones actually were perfect for me. The tips provided very good seal and sound isolation from the surrounding, and I started to truly appreciate the sound of Q350. Most of the time, I just throw these on my phone, and with some EQ adjustments these provided very very satisfying, balanced sound with a good amount of bass for the type of music I listen to. The bass is not too overwhelming because the mids and highs are still relatively clear, and I personally really like the balance. The bass is not as punchy and controlled as some other headphones I have, like Sony XB90, but it's that balance that makes me keep coming back to Q350. I used to toggle a lot between Q350 and Klipsch Image S4 too, and I have to say I still liked Q350 better.
    Cons, these earphones hurt a little bit if I wear them for a couple hours. But as soon as I feel discomfort, I wiggle them around a little bit and reposition them, then I can go on for another couple hours. The construction as other reviewers have mentioned doesn't seem to be very good, but for me I am satisfied with the build. However, I do feel that a hard accidental pull might break the cable off of the body of the earphones, but it hasn't happened to me yet. With normal everyday usage, I don't think these earphones aren't going to break on their own. Lastly, I feel the cable is a little too short, especially when I use the earphones on my laptop. Sometimes I sit low on the chair and the cable is kind of hangs in the air, but this is not a deal breaker for me.
    I have seen people say that these earphones are pricey, and I agree. But if you see them on sale, I suggest you get them because I think the pros significantly outweigh the cons. Actually I thought about selling the earphones a couple times because I have too many headphones at the moment, but I just keep coming back to Q350. This one in my opinion is definitely a keeper.
  2. hanglee65
    "Great musical presentation, but awful construction and warranty..."
    Pros - same dynamic,super speedy sound as their Q460s...
    Cons - Hope they last more than 6 months...
    these are ok, i just bought them. They have the same dynamic musical presence as their on-ear, the Q-460. Construction is all plastic, but the cable seems flimsy. same as the Q-460s. I guess these are the compromises concerning the lower lines of the q-series.
  3. immortalwind
    "Very good earphones"
    Pros - Depth, bass is just right, clean sound
    Cons - Overpriced, cushions could be better
    I've been using the Q 350s for some days now and after experimenting with the so called, seals, I was really impressed with how important actually is to choose the rights ones for your ears. After your responds (and I thank you for those) I came to conclude though, no pair of included cushions was good enough for my ears, so I used another 's brand cushions which suited me fine.
    Now I have to say that I'm very pleased with my Q 350s , bass sounds right, depth is fine, highs are fine and the volume is just fine as well. So I'm gonna edit my review, and keep this comment instead. However, I believe that Q 350s are definitely the best earphones I have used, but they still cost too much for their quality. They should cost around 25-30 euros.
    Let's begin by saying I want my money back. But unfortunately I can't have them.

    I wanted to buy a new set of earphones to replace the crappy ones which came with my Nokia Mobile.I had used AKG earphones before, and I was (and still am) very pleased with them. I own the K312P model. I only wanted to replace them because I needed ear-canal type of earphones to use on loud environments. I just got my hands on my new Q 350 an hour ago, and I have to say I'm frustrated the least. Why?

    1) The sound is horrible
    2) The bass is simply NON-existent and let no one fool you about that!
    3) The highs are so high that my ears actually hurt
    4) The volume is so much decreased compared to any other earphones I use right now

    Besides the sound quality itself:

    5) The cable is kinda sort
    6) The cushions are too big for my medium sized ears. I had to use the small size, but even then they aren' t comfortable at all.
    7) I've used 3 sources. On my mobile I had to pull the plug a little out in order to attach them properly. Otherwise all i heard was the right channel.
    On my PC the sound was even more terrible than my mobile (that's the part where my ears hurt). On my Discman the sound was acceptable, but far worse than any other pair I own anyway.
    8) The price is too high. My previous AKG earphones cost around 10-15 euros. I got Q 350 for 52 euros. I expected at least 30 euros worth of better quality, but all I got was a 3 euros worth of quality earphones.
    9) I don't like the green color, but I already knew it from the beginning so...
    10) The case say "cable-winder included". It is not.

    For reference reasons I tested these side by side to my AKG K312P (they still rock), my Nokia ones which came with my mobile, and my 2 sets of Sony Ericsson which also came with my mobile. The Q 350s failed in every comparison, even against me mediocre Nokia earphones. They also failed in the comfort factor.

    The music I tested is basically rock music (Tool, Radiohead, Monster Magnet, Mars Volta, and Requiem For A Dream soundtrack). They failed in EVERY test.

    Now, whenever I see another "Quincy Jones approved product", I'm gonna run away!!

    Can I have my money back mr. Jones???

    Shame on AKG!

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