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  1. KingKokos
    "Totally disappointed"
    Pros - Good sound quality
    Cons - Extremely poor build
    My first pair was AKG K518DJ. Had them for 3 years and was very satisfied as they were cheap and did a great job. Pretty well build and good sound quality. For that reason I became a fan of AKG and bought the AKG K618DJ.
    That was a disaster. After only 3 times of use, the right arm broke (cheap plastic). I taped it and then after a month the left arm broke too. Now the whole right arm collapsed. Although  the sound quality is great with this pair of headphones, I found the build to be very cheap and not consistent to the name AKG.
  2. longsleeper
    Pros - Solid built quality. Design. If folded can carry them in pocket. Full frequency range ..i can hear as 20hz as 16 khz. Beautiful detailed mids.
    Cons - If you´re "bighead" these are not for you)). Big clamping force. Too strong(subjectively) and a bit muddy bass. Thin (cheap) cable.
    Overall the best 100 bucks foldable headphones i´ve found. The big clamping force can be reduced with bunch of books between cans overnight :).Plastic parts seems made of very tenacious material,so i hope don´t need any other cans till 2020 hahah     
    I don´t know why i can´t leave comment.By clicking "Comment" nothing happen.
    Headphone man 07 : Don´t understand your question...they are quite small supraaural
  3. AlphaRedFox
    "Pretty Great Cans!"
    Pros - Really comfortable, and a great fit. Nice and fluent sounds.
    Cons - Start to hurt your ears after an hour of use
    Overall, these are really great headphones. I pre-ordered these a few weeks before their release in the U.S, and I got them a few days after release. I was pretty excited to get these, and when they arrived, I was presented with a beautiful box sporting the sexy AKG logo. The headphones sound pretty amazing for the 100 dollar price tag, and I gotta admit, they look more than they're worth. The only real problems I have with these is that they will serve a little bit of pain after around of hour of use, but that's not really an issue in my opinion. 
    To see an unboxing, check out my YouTube video!