The K 501 are "concert hall headphones" for lovers of classical music and for purists. Patented...

AKG K501

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  • The K 501 are "concert hall headphones" for lovers of classical music and for purists. Patented Varimotion diaphragms from AKG provide a high-resolution sound with pinpoint imaging.

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  1. Hunki Chunki
    "Best headphones I ever the last 15 years ++"
    Pros - Great sound, easy to listen to for long periods, super confortable
    Cons - bass could use a tiny little more kick
    Had this for more than 15 years, got a pair of 702s but the 501s were still my preferred.
    Just an awesome headphone
  2. szoze
    "Classical music master"
    Pros - Beautiful midrange, well balanced "old-time" sound, price
    Cons - price, not sturdy enough
    This headphone is one of the best headphones for classical music. Others in the same price range would be Audio Technica ATH-AD900, Beyer DT880, AKG k701. I think that k501 can even challenge some other dynamic headphones in higher price ranges. It is definately better than Sennheisers offerings HD650/600, for classical. This is a real classic, one of a kind.
  3. bracko
    "A real legend"
    Pros - Open, airy, detailed sound. Great for classical music
    Cons - Build quality could be better
    I heard this headphone a couple of years ago and fell in love with it. Since then I have been trying to find a mint pair at a reasonable price. This is a "poor man's electrostatic" as I have heard someone calling it. The mids are beautifully open and airy without a hint of hardness. The treble is soft and crisp. The bass is well defined but not in excess. They ar erelaxed, pure and genuine sounding. All in all, a legendary headphone. It's a shame AKG discontinued it.

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