AKG K422 Foldable Headphone Black (Black)

General Information

These collapsible, compact headphones are ideal for traveling music lovers.

Latest reviews

Pros: Sound Great. Great price. Look good. Build Quality.
Cons: Cable is very thin. a little power hungery.
The Akg 422 sound amazing for the price. First i am going to talk about the pros and then cons.
The Pros are as listed above. When i received them i was very surprised with the sound quality. This is my first open ear headphones and i feel that they are great at what they do. They are great for in the city or on a bus. You can talk and still have nice back ground music.
Cons. They cable is really thin and i am going to re-cable it. I thought they sounded good and so did my friend and then he said it need something so we hooked it up to his fiio e11 and it sounded a lot better so its a little power hunger which i thought was weird. The comfort maybe a problem for some people the pads are a weird fabric material. I didn't mind them but some might.


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