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AKG K267

  • The K267 Tiesto Headphones from AKG are built to give you comfort, portability, durability, and the flexibility to adjust your sound wherever you wear them. Made for everyone from the professional DJ to the demanding music lover, the K267 is equipped with 2" (50mm) Low Resonance Drivers that is built to offer consistent bass frequency response even at high volumes. The adjustable bass boost can be set to maximize deeper sub-bass frequencies or disengaged to achieve a flat response.

    Designed with attention to comfort, the K267 features a padded headband to help prevent tiring during long listening sessions or performances. The headphones also feature a detachable input cable and have an 1/8" jack on each earcup. This allows the cable to be attached on either the left or right side. The 3D-Axis folding mechanism promotes portability by allowing for compact, flat storage. Built from anodized aluminum parts, the K267 is made to withstand wear-and-tear.

Recent Reviews

  1. Blinxat
    Great sounding celebrity endorsed headphone
    Written by Blinxat
    Published Jul 27, 2014
    Pros - Beautiful sonic presentation, subbass, wonderful mids, non fatiguing highs, comfortable, variable bass, mini-xlr dual entry socket
    Cons - questionable build quality (at least in the past)
    I don't constantly own a huge headphone inventory, in the past I had the Sennheiser Amperior + HD25, ATH-M50X, and currently have the V-MODA M100. Compared to those headphones the K267 is superior if you prefer a more natural sound. All of the previous cans I mentioned are somewhat more aggressive sounding. The focus seems to be on a musical presentation rather than pure fun.
    the K267 Tiesto is a smooth sounding headphone with a subtle sub bass boost in its club and stage settings, while the studio setting is a bit too restrained for me I enjoy the club and especially the stage setting the most.
    It always sounds coherent and uncolored, it doesn't have the widest of soundstages but it is still a nice presentation, sort of enveloping around you with more height than width.
    First impression compared to the popular M100 is that it has more mid presence and sounds clearer in the mids, but doesn't have the overly present bass and treble sparkle, the M100 sounds busy and exciting while the Tiestos are more relaxed sounding and yet NOT dark.
    My guess is that with the dotted headband it might be a bit too bling bling for some, coupled with very poor amazon reviews due to a build quality issue that appears to have been fixed, at least my latest model seems to be holding up.
    But sound quality wise it is very enjoyable and non genre specific compared to other DJ cans.
    The comfort is very good in my opinion, despite a secure fit the clamping force is not too high, the earpads are very soft and replaceable.
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  2. DJPhiltheThrill
    Great DJ Head Phones
    Written by DJPhiltheThrill
    Published Jul 4, 2014
    Pros - Exceptional Noise Reduction Great Lows, Great for Club or Festival
    Cons - Get Hot with Extended Use, swivel can be improved - Not comfortable for One Ear Mixing
    The AKG K267 TËISTO Over the Ear DJ HeadPhones are a true Marvel.
    Exceptional Build Quality for the Price, no cut corners.
    3 Listening Modes
    Excellent Noise Reduction, virtually eliminates all outside sound (Studio Mode)
    Comes with two choices of XLR Plugs Coiled and Non Coiled (Very Long). Travel Bag (Could Be Improved).
    These headphones need to be "Burned In" for about 10 hours to get the true sound out of them.
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