AKG K167 Tiesto Closed-Back DJ Studio Headphones

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  1. PurpleDrankNJ
    "They break often."
    Pros - Sound
    Cons - Weak without an Amp, Headband is a joke.
    I have used these lightly and have had them out for repair more than I have had them on my head. The band is an absolute joke, unless you plan on never moving them from one spot do not buy them.
  2. XP-Collector
    "AKG K167 "
    Pros - Great SQ, Awesome design, good soundstageing
    Cons - Bad comfort if you have a ear of bigger size.
    So i bought these around 7 days ago. and so far i'm happy about these, right out of the box, you will find the sound, to be some what annoying, at least that's what i felt, the highs sounded like white noise and the bass was okay, but kinda muddy. mids were in the background. it took 4 hours of breaking in, before something happend for me, the high's started to become precise and bass became tight and precise, mid's still in the background but not as much as before. 
    and the sound stayed like this for a couple of days, ( i used them all the time ) 
    then yesterday while listening to a 1 hour long podcast, the sound all of a sudden started to open up, and everything came together and started sounding plain awesome! and by awesome i mean great soundstaging espacially great highs, and bass that you will just love to listen to no matter what kind of bass it is, Dubstep never sounded better, and i'm no basshead. 
    The mid's have moved "closer" but are still in the background, i don't know if this will change over time, or if it will stay like this, but it's really the bass and highs that makes these cans great.
    i'm comparing these to the Beyerdynamics DT 770 Pro 80 Ohm edition, and the Tiesto cans, are close to sounding better now, and they are far from done with breaking in. were the Beyerdynamics are. i most say, that the Beyerdynamics have far better comfort, you can wear them for hours without feeling anything, were i have bit of a comfort problem with the Tiesto ones, my left ear touches the hard plastic plate on the inside of the can, causing discomfort after some time of wearing, but i can live with this, since the sound is getting so good. but if you have smaller ears the comfort should be good for you, also the Tiesto cans have better isolation than the Beyers.
    And if you are looking for a pair of headphones that have a beautiful design the Tiesto cans will be the right choice for you, they look fantastic, the best looking headphones i have ever had.