AKG K 450 Premium Foldable Headphone

General Information

When you want a the ultimate upgrade to typical on ear headphones, look no further than the AKG K 450 mini, on-ear headphones. Deisgned to deliver true AKG performance - high-output sound and excellent frequency response - from virtually any portable device, including iPhone, they are the ultimate high-performance upgrade for an improved personal listening experience. By using a closed-back deisgn that fits comfortably on the ear with new Supersoft ear pads, the K 450s deliver stunning dynamic range and rich, detailed sound that is unparalled by other on-ear designs. AKG has even made tucking these headphones away very easy as the patented 3D-Axis folding mechanism allows you to fold these heaphones into an easily transportable size. A single sided, detachable cable gives you high-end customization for the ultimate in comfortable listening. Include a premium carrying case and you have headphones that will transport your listening experience to a whole new world.

Latest reviews

Pros: PRICE,every thing about a product for we customers is whether it's worth the money.I can tell you YES.
Cons: the line is a bit short, it don't have good looking
Come on guys, why so mean about this headphone? It worth every penny of its price, isn't that makes it a great product?
I actually own one, yeah yeah its voice isn't that good, its function is very simple, it looks grey, it just not good enough to compare with the high class headphone.
But it's cheap, and it's acting great at it's price.
I mean listen to it, you only pay 76 bucks and you get a HIFI headphone, isn't that great?
It is literally immortal you know what I mean?
It just keeps working and 3 years straight, mine is still new!
For christ sake, don't tell the fresh guys to spend more money for a expensive HIFI headpone, they are not ready.
Instead, try this one, the AKG K450, a [size=small]down to earth HIFI head phone.[/size]
Pros: Practical for mobile use and for "lower quality" mix comparison. Replacable cable is a clear plus.
Cons: Bass and low mids too obvious, some smear, a certain tendency to mask the higher end of the freq. spectrum
Useful for fast in-between work.
Initially bought for mobile and night use with a Yamaha P120 digital stage piano.
Could have better impulse and high-end spread for the money, but the overall sound appears musical enough for extended use (in hours).
Still good enough to listen to mobile phone / mobile player audio or in-game audio for more than an hour in a row.
My personal result:
No fair comparison possible regarding any high-res earphones like K-6xx / K7xx / K8xx, or any other serious product for regular studio use by any other leading company.
Nowadays, I mostly use the beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro (250 Ohms) for all the subtle work during mixing and pre-mastering live recordings.
The K450 proves to be useful for the necessary "upper mid fidelity" comparison of pro mixes achieved by using higher quality earphones and high quality studio monitors (ADAM).
Light build, good wearability, solid craftmanship, as one might want to expect it from AKG.
Pros: Good case, confortable.
Cons: Everything about the sound. It is extremely recessed on the mids and highs. Extremely muffled sound.
I am really desapointed with these cans. I have a Koss Porta Pro and I was waiting at least a closer quality compared to this.
These cans are bassy and have an extremely recessed mids and highs. The sound is extremely muffled. You, absolutely, can not hear to any detail on the music with these cans.
For the same price or even cheaper, with a better quality, go with Philips Citiscape Downtown or Sennheiser PX200.


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