Akg K 324 P - Chrome In-Ear Headphones


New Head-Fier
Pros: Neutral sound
Cons: None
I bought these years ago and honestly haven't used them much. Recently, I have come to appreciate that the AKG K324P IEM headphones give a neutral, realistic sound unlike the many bass-heavy headphones that are popular today. It seems that when the bass is emphasised the mids and highs lose some clarity. Sure, it's easy enough to attenuate the bass but it's not so simple to recover whatever is missing. Good luck in finding non-basshead phones today.


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Pros: sound quality, looks, portability, comfortable
Cons: build quality
i cannot give you a price comparison or compare it to others in its price range as i was given these as a gift. but i loved these things. the bass was impressive, good highs, and smooth mids. although they tend to be a little unclear sometimes i find them to sound very enjoyable and stunning. they didn't distort or clip at all and i noticed no sibilance at all. the only thing i can complain about is build quality. the wires are thin and get damaged easily thats what happened to mine. one ear got quieter and eventually quit on me. but for sound quality and music enjoyment i highly recommend these to anyone.