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AKG K 319 In-Ear Bud Headphone - Dark Charcoal

  1. palindrom
    Good, clear sounding earbuds
    Written by palindrom
    Published Mar 14, 2011
    Pros - Build, accessories, clear mids and heights, price
    Cons - A bit more low would be OK, as they are a bit too analytical
    I just bought them as a gift to someone I like very much. After few hours of burn-in I tried them. They seem to be made for use with foam on them. It makes sound much more balanced and warmer. It's hard to say after 5 hrs of warm-up if there's really not enough low tones. They are there, but it's not enough for me. Maybe exercising them longer would straighten them. Maybe using donut shaped foams would be a good idea. Great mids and heights. Clear vocals and no sibilance.
    They're very sturdy, fine materials and finish. Volume control together with mini jack socket and plug (extension) is a bit too heavy. Clip would be a nice thing.
    Overall deserved flagship title for those buds, can't really complain too much.