AKG K 319 In-Ear Bud Headphone - Dark Charcoal

General Information

The AKG K 319 in-ear bud headphones deliver true AKG performance - high-output sound and excellent frequency response - from virtually any portable device, including iPhone. In fact, they are the most powerful and accurate high-end ear buds that AKG engineers have ever developed. Using a semi-open lanyard design, the included Super Bass circuit and wide frequency response delivers an unparalled listening expereince. Sound is rich, deep and dynmic, making them the perfect upgrade for any portable device.. Want to hide your portabel device away? Not a problem. The K 319s have an in-line volume control that gives you full control of your sound even when your device is tucked safely away. Sculpted in gray, their lightweight, comfortable fit makes them the perfect companion for everyday use, including use on a plane with their included flight adapter. A protective hard carrying case and a winder for the headphone is even included to keep your headphones safe and secure when not in use.

Latest reviews

Pros: Build, accessories, clear mids and heights, price
Cons: A bit more low would be OK, as they are a bit too analytical
I just bought them as a gift to someone I like very much. After few hours of burn-in I tried them. They seem to be made for use with foam on them. It makes sound much more balanced and warmer. It's hard to say after 5 hrs of warm-up if there's really not enough low tones. They are there, but it's not enough for me. Maybe exercising them longer would straighten them. Maybe using donut shaped foams would be a good idea. Great mids and heights. Clear vocals and no sibilance.
They're very sturdy, fine materials and finish. Volume control together with mini jack socket and plug (extension) is a bit too heavy. Clip would be a nice thing.
Overall deserved flagship title for those buds, can't really complain too much.


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