AKG K 242 Headphones

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Akg K242Hd K 242 Hd High Definition Headphones

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Pros: Comfortable, Semi-Closed, Durable
Cons: Cord, Heavy
I purchased these as a gift to myself to keep in the office. I run them via the cheap Nu-Force DAC and listen for hours per session. 
Overall I would say these are amazing cans. They are very neutral, and because of the semi open design (I'm assuming) they sound pretty wide. Bass is decent, but they don't thump. So if you're into that look elsewhere. I probably have 1500 hours on them and I can say that i was never uncomfortable wearing them. Larger size head here, so ymmv.  
Cord wont detach from the cups, and has gotten stepped  on a ripped off my head a few times. That said, they have held up and I don't see any real sign of wear. Cups can get a bit warm, but the padding is soft enough that you don't really care. And the head strap isn't of the best material. Seems to be a synthetic cheap plastic, though it does its job perfectly well, just doesn't look quite as nice. 
Haven't tested them with a phone or some generic headphone jack so I cant comment. 
In the end, I'd buy them again. And for the price they're going for (about $140 atm), you cant go wrong. 


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