Akg HSD 171

General Information

The AKG HSD 171 is a professional headset designed for commentators, off-camera moderators, camera operators, or sound engineers in broadcast and location recording applications. The HSD 171 is notable for comfortable padded earpads, a hyper-cardioid directional dynamic microphone, optimum ambient-noise attenuation, and first-rate audio quality, while deploying a rugged detachable cable. The flexible HSD 171 microphone arm swivels through a 270 degree arc, muting the microphone automatically it moves, and offers left or right side positioning according to user preference.

Latest reviews

Pros: small and robust and closed
Cons: tight on the head
I have the AKG k 171 Studio but my model isn't on head-fi.org so I'll review this one as if it was the Studio 171.

I can't say anything too good or too bad about them because they're just average and well rounded. They don't have the airy bass sound that the 240s have but you can crank them up to an uncomfortable listening level without distorting your music.

I had a very noisy office and these were great for helping block out a bit of the ambiance.They're not headphones an audiophile would brag about because their intention is not to reproduce sound as close and blissfully as possible. Their job is to get good sound to your ears while there may be noises around you.

I found them good for music, movies and gaming. I got headaches using them for the first month or two because they were too tight on the head (a common complaint I've heard). The pads that make contact with your ears cracked early and are now very cracked but I don't feel any difference in comfort and its just cracks, none of the padding is coming off. The original cable that came with them lasted me a year before dieing from by being pulled on too many times (I rolled over the cable with my office chair about 800 times before that happened)

All around they're nice.


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