AKG High Performance Closed-Back DJ Headphones - K181DJ

General Information

"The K 181 DJ have been designed in cooperation with leading international DJs. The result: the ultimate tool for professional DJs – high performance closed-back headphones with the best possible sound, and maximum SPL that should be exceptionally rugged and easy to bend or fold into any listening position, and provide a switchable bass boost. Their distinguishing features include: The 3D-Axis professional folding mechanism allows the DJ to change their monitoring position quickly at the club. High quality lightweight construction, extremely rugged. Headphones fold down into an extremely thin package for transportation Bass boost switch: Appropriate sound for every venue. Switchable bass boost for gigs at large clubs Plug-in cable: Single cable for ease of handling, with professional mini XLR connector Stereo/mono selector for optimum single-ear monitoring High sound pressure level: High SPL capability for any type of event in any environment. Legendary AKG sound quality Closed-back earphones: Isolating ear cups attenuate ambient noise, keeping even quiet passages clearly audible Rubberized finish ensures easy and safe handling at the club

Latest reviews

Pros: Sound is pretty good, base and mono switcher
Cons: Outclassed by better cans at it's price range
Sound is pretty good.. the base switcher and mono switcher is nice.
Pros: Amazing sound in all frequencies, hard to distort at full volume
Cons: No one knows these headphones
The 181djs are the best. I've been a dj for 10 years. An audiophile/fanatic for my whole life. Aside from what I've listed as headphones I own or have owned, I've also been thorough a number of half a grand iems and 10 pairs of the most worn dj headphones. I got the dj 181s three years ago. Since then I've been through too many headphones, and have always returned back to the 181s. Whether I'm mixing or listening to music, these do it right. They can be pushed loud and don't distort like some of the other headphones. And of course these sound great. Great mid bass, great sub bass, great highs and not sharp. More on the warmer side than sharper side. The other headphones I've listed just are too soft or too boring. I listen to everything. And I also have an affinity towards good house music. Not that edm crap. What the hell...the term edm is a fraud. Good high quality produced house. Whether its mixing or listening, these cans somehow are still being used over the majority of my other cans.
I'm kind of interested how long you've had these. I own them too, and the audioquality seems to be fading, I just don't know whether the worn pads, broken cable or perhaps the drivers themselves are to blame here.


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