AKG Acoustics Q460WHT Quincy Jones signature line on-ear headphones

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  1. 2252B
    "Q460 are cheap now. Get them."
    Pros - Looks good, sounds good, comfortable, good deal.
    Cons - SHORT CABLE IS STRAIGHT GARBAGE, umm ya the cable is really short.
    These headphones can be had for under $100ish new on Amazon. Can be found for far less, I paid $60 new.

    I really like these headphones. I am not the best judge on sound quality though since the best headphones I have had are M50's. The other reviews I have read say they are a little bass heavy (which I can hear) but overall I like the sound since I enjoy bass. The only reason I started buying decent headphones was to make fun of all the idiots who bought beats, because when I first heard them I knew that nothing should sound like that. Yet for some reason I can't convert my idiot friends because nothing "looks as good" but to be frank my Q460's look better and no one else has them. Thus making me cooler.

    **Moral of that rant: Sound quality is good with a little extra bass. Go read other reviews, I'm not an expert.**

    As for comfort, I find these headphones super comfortable. I purchased them simply to wear to walk to class thinking hey these are decent and kinda ok at their normal price according to reviews, so at $60 dollars I must be a genius to get these. I was a genius. I find myself wearing them always and never using my other headphones since they are small and easy to always have with me, while also sounding good. I find myself wearing them for hours on hours on hours with no discomfort compared to my over ear phones that would make my ears sweaty and uncomfortable. I also wear them when I go to bed since I can fall asleep with them on comfortably unlike over ear phones. The pads seem to have gotten softer with wear, and for my head they apply just the right amount of pressure to stay on when walking (and whatever other activity I'm doing) while still being comfortable and not crushing my ears. The only problem is the cable is super short which sucks for just about everything.

    **Moral of this: They are comfortable to me, and I love them. Except for that stupid cable.**

    **Moral of the Moral: For $60 they are worth every penny, buy them. I also think they would be worth the $100**