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Akai Pro AP-HPH-002

  • Featuring iconic Akai Professional build quality and audio detail, MPC Headphones were designed to be a powerful tool for audio production in the recording studio. Custom 50mm drivers with neodymium magnets reproduce your tracks with ease so you can make confident decisions about each element of your music. Hear the simultaneous thump and snap of a kick drum. Hone in on the crackle of the snare. Blend layers of samples while making crucial adjustments to the vocal to make it pop–truly a microscope for your music.

Recent Reviews

  1. Hawaiibadboy
    "Studio Headphones" Built with a craftsmanship beyond their pricerange
    Written by Hawaiibadboy
    Published May 20, 2014
    Pros - Accurate to the finest detail.
    Cons - Not for listeners who like colored or "lively" sound.
    PC Magazine Review
    I will be doing my review on these including an optional mod that does not interfere with mid and high end freq response at all.
    These are beauties.
    In sound and in craftsmanship
    Am super busy but will do a proper review ASAP.
    Firstly. I'm a stone cold basshead. I listen to all manner of cans but it's in the hunt for bass.
    These were released of February 28th and I had mine reserved from Fujiya-Avic and was one of the 1st 20 owners on the planet. Retail owners.
    I was all thrilled and stuff and then they came and they were beauties.
    Never held such a perfectly balanced pair of sexy like these.
    Then I tried to throw my bass boost at these and they .....did nothing?? How can you send a 20dB boost at a cans 45Hz and get almost no response?
    I kinda became facinated with that more than the cans.
    How does that happen?
    Studio cans not supposed to be easily influenced? 
    I was listening to 
    And was getting blown the **** away.....wow.
    Never heard the guitars played through headphones so clearly....I was digging into my old stuff.....with excitement....
    That Fearless track above is a classic. I may have never heard it played so well in my life. I was having high school rock head flashbacks
    After embedding this vid I grabbed the cans and am jamming this track right now[​IMG]
    Guitar, jamming piano.....man...bliss
    These cans...made for the track above...listening now.....flashback.......mmmm
    Remember the Hi-Fi receivers of the 70's?
    The "Bass" and "Treble" knobs? 
    These cans sound like one of those before you start to turn those two knobs.


    Is there but in a way like your at a show with a band and no amps. That Neil Young track...he had a bassist back there and it sounded back there. Neil and his guitar and harmonica were right on the center stage...slightly left?  So Bass is there in a literal sense. For a basshead that's a no no but for this track? Man...that sounded awesome. 


    Parts of his guitar vocals and harmonica exist in there and they were exactly where they sound like they were supposed to be.  The Pink Floyd "Fearless" track was kinda epic and got me rolling on this review despite being stupid busy right now.


    These cans seem limitless in that sense. The crispness is "live" like sharp. Not in the way used to describe cans but in a way to describe being at a show. Again. A kinda "un-plugged"  show.
    Now...hold onto your ****....
    The day I listened to all these titans I came away impressed by the TEAC/Beyer T1's only.
    The others had unique colors. The "Woods" had a certain acoustical sound and the others though grouped were a mash of different versions of neutral
    I  was thinking about my Akai this day.  Hunting for hidden bass monsters but hearing in the audiophile sit down area another version of the Akai.  But how neutral can ya be?
    I am definitely not interested in woody cans. I dreamed of these before I heard em'
    Nah...I'll pass. Even if they were cheaper I wouldn't. They are not how they were reviewed to my ears. They need a Lawton like mod or something?
    So the wood dream died that day.
    If I wanna simulate an old Pioneer/Sony /ONKYO receiver I already got those cans and I sometimes do feel like going old-school. 
    If I could get back full price and the other guy paid for shipping I'd pass.
    I still have these despite Akai's very generous initial return offer (30 day NO questions asked just fill out a survey) on top of the Manufacturer warranty.
    Studio cans. I never would have bought a pair until I did accidentally.... thinking they might be bass monsters. I was wrong. This time I am happy to be so

    Now.....very good low (if raised by eq) end with no coloration of 200-20k
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    2. smcc44
      I just realised that these MPCs don't have the lush warmth of the SRH940 base but if they did they would be marvelous. So I was looking at that modification photo you included - the one with the 'open' and 'closed' labels .  Can I clarify - did you drill holes in these plates?
      Also, how did you remove the earpads? . rotate left?..
      These headphones are real accurate like the M50s from what I recall but hopefully they will be less fatiguing over time. I don't think they are as bright as the M50s which is a good thing.
      Curiously,  the Akai MPCs are eclipsing my interest in the K550s - if I want more soundstage I am inclined to just reach for the Shures.
      By the way, although these cans take a proprietary cable insert provided, the V-Moda cable supplied with Mad-dogs 3.2 fit straight into these. That is the cloth-type portable cable and have got to be the coolest cable of all time. If only they made a 2.5mm version for the SRH940s..
      smcc44, Jun 7, 2014
    3. Hawaiibadboy
      Wow sorry for late reply. The holes are just opening the backing behind the basket. It's just paper. I rec making the 2 opening on the exact opposite side from each other. PM me if anyone has questions as I don't have notice of comments here
      Hawaiibadboy, Jun 17, 2014
    4. Hawaiibadboy
      "Akai did not want to scare people away with a flat looking graph."
      They actually described the response in the vid at e-earphone as being like a dead persons EKG....flatline. They were touting that.
      They were not joking :)
      Hawaiibadboy, Jun 17, 2014


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