Excerpt from http://www.aiaiai.dk/headphones/tma-2/tma-1.html The one-piece TMA-1 headband...

Aiaiai TMA-1

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  • Excerpt from http://www.aiaiai.dk/headphones/tma-2/tma-1.html

    The one-piece TMA-1 headband consists of a strong, durable and flexible nylon material, which provides full flexibility when wearing and positioning the headphones during DJing. The two different cushions can be changed easily with the click release function, so the headphones fit all situations – from a noisy club environment to just being on the road. The speaker is protected by the cushion plate with integrated filter and provides the richest sound that is available today along with the most durable driver technology. Finally, there is a 3mm cotton fiber filter for isolation and the headphone cup out of a resistant ABS material to protect the fragile parts. The 1.7 meter cable has a mini jack connection in both ends as well as a reinforced plug with a 1/8 adapter option. It has a 0.4 meter coil on the wire, which gives extra length and flexibility at the turntable.

    The name TMA-1 (Tycho Magnetic Anomaly-1) is taken from Arthur C. Clarke's science fiction novel "2001: A Space Odyssey" and refers to a black Monolith, which is extremely long-lived and reliable – just as the TMA-1.

    The box contains:
    2 sets of earpads
    a carrying pouch
    a booklet
    a 1.7 meter cable
    a 6.3 mm stereo plug converter.

    TMA-1 Specs:
    Transducer Principle: Dynamic, closed
    Driver Unit Size: 40 mm
    Impedance: 32±15% Ohm
    Load Rating: 0.1W
    Frequency Response: 20 to 20.000 Hz
    Total Harmonic Distortion: <0.3%
    Sensitivity: 110±3dB Weight w/o
    Cable: 190 Gram

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  1. noknok23
    "Fashion Item with great marketing but poor sound"
    Pros - Very comfortable, nice minimalistic vintage design.
    Cons - Treble roll off, muddy mids, mid bass bump.
    I got this headphones few years ago as my first Hi-Fi Headphones. I thought they were good because they did limited edition with stone throw records, a cult alternative hip hop record label.

    I was very happy with them for a few years because I never heard anything more than random earbuds and iem before. Then I found out about head fi and all the amazing stuff I got for cheap, Going back to these, I can't believe how terrible they are for 180,00euro
    Sound is muddy, lack of dynamics, treble roll off, small soundstage. They are overly dark and warm, very forgiving. They scale very little and sounded the best on poor source like sansa clip or fiio m3. no real benefit of going up (like the aune m1s or something)

    I'd say it's a very nice fashion item, they do look very good, even thought the matter paint is coming off over time. They feel fragile but they are not, Never broke them and use them daily for years, so +1 for the durability and comfort

    Beside being marketed as DJ headphones, they are not very efficient on that matter because isolation is too low, you have to push the headphones to your ears to hear the bass/beat. You can however push the sound to very high volume and it wont be painful because of it's dark nature.

    People like to make fun of Beat as trash overpriced headphones. I think AIAIAI is not that different, only the target audience is more about niche of creative hipsters than the whole mainstream youth.
    I fell for it many years ago and still see a lot of facebook ads of theses.
    This is a friendly warning, do not pay more than 50euros for them.
  2. LuSoto80
    "Great Sound vs Shure 840's"
    Pros - Everything
    Cons - Nothing
    I would just like to thank the sales girl that recommended me these after i returned my Shure 840's (THEY SUCK!!!) lol ok now for my review. I LOVE the overall clarity of these, PLUS the powerful bass. I use these babies on my FiiO E07K Portable Dac, connected thru micro usb on my Samsung Galaxy S3 playing my music on PowerAmp app ^_^ with a few tweaks of the EQ & i have these babies sounding like $1M lol playing 320kbps MP3's right now, but i can only IMAGINE how FLAC files sound :) BIG recommendation to all you Audiophiles & Head-Fis out there. Enjoy, i know i am
  3. DE Nefta
    "Aiaiai TMA-1 for heavy duty and comfortable to wear"
    Pros - Nice design, matt black color, comfortable to wear, durable and a nice all-round sound
    Cons - Heavy and long headphone cord
    A very all-round headphone for me. Just the right one to take on the go or on holiday. Also as a DJ, nice noice isolation. Very durable so you don't have to wonder if it will break if you throw it in your backpack.
    I'm very happy with it.

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