AIAIAI: Pipe Earphones - Black

General Information

The Pipe offers impressive sound quality and overall strength in an organic and ergonomic design. Made from lightweight and highly resilient materials this earphone displays an elegant coherency between the overall design and the individual parts.

Latest reviews

Pros: Price, fun sound, nice build
Cons: fun sound, odd L/R indicator placement
I got these IEMs because my motto is "one can never have to many headphones".
I was curious about the AIAIAI brand for a while and decided to pick these up. In store I also tried AIAIAI headphones and was pleased with the sound (I know, different story).
I love the design of the IEMs. The are not as in your face as most headphones today. They are very simple, almost featureless. And therein lies their beauty I guess. It's pure Scandinavian design.
I went to get the yellow ones but got the Gray Gradient instead. The yellow ones reminded me of Urbanears I once bought. Which discoloured to some kind of yellow/green colour.
Well, they were €19,- So what can you expect. I'll keep it brief: It's okay. Highs are nicely detailed, mids are also fine. It's the lower end that's pressing the sound quality really. It's dark, and a bit muddy. I think these have a slight U profile to them.
If you are looking for a pair of commuter headphones, they are fine. The pipes have a very enjoyable, fun sound. It's nice for casual use. Just don't expect high fidelity here. Becasue of the build quality and the fun sound I do give them 4 stars. Though not high-definition stars ^_~
From top to bottom
The IEMs are a matte black with the AIAIAI in bassrelief on the back. I noted that there is no left right indicator on either of the IEMs! How do I tell them apart?! Following the gray cable down we see an odd cable splitter. It's Y shaped, evenly divided (120 degrees). On it are the left right indicators. So we are not lost. Yet the placement is highly inconvenient and makes it a pain to identify left or right in the dark or by touch. The rest of the cable is white. At the end is a small profile 90 degree 3.5mm jack. 
In the box you will find an additional two sizes of eartips.


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