AGAMA A-500 Vibration Gaming Headset

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  1. wphantom
    "AMAZING sub 20usd gaming headset"
    Pros - Decent sound, comfortable
    Cons - Low quality plastic, useless features
    These are THE BEST you can get for under 20usd, the first time I used them I thought the sound was boring, but after some EQ'ing and tweaking with my Asus Xonar DG they sounded brilliant, the bass is kind of distant but acceptable, highs are distant but acceptable too, mids are little overpowered but that is nice for gaming, my only complain is that soundstage and detail are very low, BUT, compared to other sub 20usd headsets-headphones it is actually very decent. These respond very well to the amplification of my Xonar DG, the sound is more lively and balanced. for gaming try to get a sound card with Dolby Headphone, it improves the soundstaging a lot, the sound is x3 time better in Counter Strike Global Offensive.
    The comfort is great, I am a big headed guy and they are just the right size, the ear pads are some cheap plastic leather imitation, and they collect sweat, because they tend to get a little bit hot afeter 1 hour of gaming. The mic quality is acceptable, my voice sounds clear on teamspeak.
    The quality of the materials is what you expect for a sub 20usd product, cheap plastic, VERY short cable, and the mic is a little fragile, dont move it too much, it will break. The worst part of this headset is the plastic that connects the headband with the driver housing, as I am a big headed guy it is slowly breaking, and I dont think it will last more than a year and a half.
    Overall this is a great product, if you dont have money like me get these, they wont let you down, but you have to use them delicately.
    If you get this headset there is a little modification you can make, as you may know, they have a vibration function, using some kind of subwoofers behind the drivers, DONT use this feature, it distorts the sound and you get an annoyng background noise, what you can do is open them and remove the subwoofers, it is very easy, and they become lighter.