AFUL Performer 8

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AFUL Performer8


  • 1 Dynamic Driver + 7 Balanced Armature
  • RCL NetFrequency Division Technology
  • 3D Pressure Balance Technology
  • Micro Resonator Technology








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Headphoneus Supremus
Neutral with a cup of bass
Pros: Build , sound , fit
Cons: Picky boy , price.
Aful has been a hype train since the performer 5 in USA but they have been out longer in China before heading to USA. They took all their famous iems and retuned them for USA and they were hit. All of the international model has better bass and treble and cost more as well. For me I'd love to have that tuning for USA but be got use what we are giving. And I loved the tuning of the p5 alot when p8 was announced I went about and bought it. It feels more premium and cable looked better. Same tips and case. Priced around $100 more for a more balanced sound the the little brother. Also I noticed it's source dependent so it can sound different with different quality stuff. Such as tips , cable and sources file will sound different.


Bass: comparing bass on p8 to p5 I can say p5 was bigger and had rumble and texture and thickness, while p8 is less thick and more tighter and textured with better speed. It feels lighter and more agile I I wish for more bass with every song. P5 was closer to my desired bass craving but still wanting just a bit more.

The midrange of p5 versus p8 being the p5 having more midrange and more forward vocals made the p5 better to me because it sounds so natural and real while I say the p8 less midrange and vocals are less forward the p5 making the sound less real and thinner . They can sound mushy sometimes and sometimes clear and thin depending on the recording.

Treble :
The treble on p5 versus p8 being p5 was better extended the p8 having better details on the highs and sound clear while p8 sound super smooth and recessed and mushy. Not so clear like p5.

The soundstage of p5 versus p8 being they are equal but different because the tuning make different tone and quality. The p5 having more bass And treble makes sound more clear and detailed and opening sounding and the p8 sounds smoother but just as open and thicker sounding as well.


If I had to choose I'd choose p5 as I gravitate towards that tuning more , it has more excitement and p8 being neutral with bass is more monitor tuned which is ok and all for people who wants neutrality and not enjoying themselves. I've bought mine from hifigo.
AFUL Acoustics Performer 8/Performer8 1DD+ 7BA Driver in-Ear Monitors, Masterpieces Hybrid Drivers IEMs in-Ear Earphones with Easy Driveability (Performer 8)

Surprised you choose the P5... I find the 8 smoother and richer...but I too always want more bass from the P8, the 5 had a nice sub bass rumble, no doubt! :)


500+ Head-Fier
Pros: Balanced Sound Signature
Tonality and Overall Technicalities
Comfortable for long listening
Cons: Depth felt a little shy
No Balanced/Modular Cable
The AFUL PERFORMER 8 IEM has taken the audio community by storm with its promise of delivering an excellent auditory experience. I had got chance to listen to it at one of my local audiophile meetups.

WhatsApp Image 2023-08-14 at 1.47.20 PM (1).jpeg

Build and Design:
The AFUL PERFORMER 8 IEMs exude a sense of luxury and craftsmanship from the moment you hold them in your hands. The build quality is good, it has an ergonomic design that ensures a comfortable fit even during extended listening sessions. The housing is made of premium materials that not only contribute to their durability but also minimize unwanted resonance, allowing the IEMs to reproduce sound with good clarity.

Sound Quality:
The AFUL PERFORMER 8 IEMs' standout feature is their sound quality. Equipped with eight carefully tuned drivers (7BA+1DD Hybrid Configuration), these IEMs produce a good audio experience. The bass is deep, tight, and controlled, providing a satisfying foundation to the music without overpowering the other frequencies. The mids are rich and articulate, capturing intricate vocal nuances and instrument details with astonishing precision. The highs are crisp, and airy, and extend gracefully, adding a layer of brilliance to the overall sound signature.

AFUL PERFORMER 8 IEMs also have a wide and immersive soundstage. Whether it's a live concert recording or a studio album, these IEMs manage to replicate the spatial characteristics. This makes instruments and vocals positioned precisely within the auditory landscape. The depth on the other hand is average.

WhatsApp Image 2023-08-14 at 1.47.21 PM.jpeg

Comfort and Fit:
Comfort is paramount during long listening sessions, and the AFUL PERFORMER 8 IEMs excel in this aspect. The ergonomic design, along with a variety of included ear tips, ensures a snug fit that effectively isolates external noise. I was able to wear them for hours without experiencing any discomfort or fatigue, making them suitable for both casual listening and professional use.

WhatsApp Image 2023-08-14 at 1.47.20 PM.jpeg

Conclusion: The AFUL PERFORMER 8 IEMs have undoubtedly raised the bar for in-ear monitors. With good build quality, superior sound reproduction, and a comfortable fit, these IEMs are a must-have for music enthusiasts who demand an overall package. The attention to detail in both design and sound engineering is evident, resulting in a product that offers a truly immersive and captivating listening experience.


New Head-Fier
These should get a lot more praise then they are getting
Pros: Bass response
sound signature
fit and comfort
value for money
Cons: treble could have been a bit more extended
there should have bene a balanced cable at this price
I got my hands on these during a meetup thanks to Pulkit Chugh (he is the one who pushed me down the audiophile rabbit hole).

What follows are my initial impressions rather than a comprehensive review. I had hoped to spend more time with this pair, but unfortunately, I haven't been able to manage that. Without further delay, here are my initial impressions:

I paired these earphones with the IFI GO Bar and Fiio KA5 and used Apple Music on my S22 Ultra as the source.

Upon listening, I found these IEMs to be well-suited to my personal preferences. Right away, I noticed that they delivered the sound I had been anticipating from the Blessing 2. The bass response and overall sound signature appealed to me, and I was pleasantly surprised by the comfort despite the presence of multiple drivers in each earpiece. Had I come across these before investing heavily in the UM MEST MK2, I would likely have chosen these instead. As the title of my review suggests, I'm puzzled as to why these earphones aren't receiving more recognition.


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New Head-Fier
Finally a non tremble madness smooth iem.In my opinion from the graph must be even better than sa6mk2 more natural hd with 600 type flavored type tuning with more base sub base.Lets hope it doesn't cost one fortune


Headphoneus Supremus
I'm getting a review sample for discount, got high hopes for the 8, love the 5. Big thanks to Hifigo!