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ADV offers their Eartune Fidelity custom fit silicone sleeves for IEMs.


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ADV Eartune Fidelity IEM sleeve
Pros: Improved the fit of one of my favorite IEMs, holds securely
Cons: Size
This won't really be a review, I have only had these for a couple of hours. I'll post a follow up after I've had some time to listen to my IEMs with the ADV Eartune Fidelity sleeves.

I've had a pair of 64Audio Trio for four years or so. In the past couple of years the fit has been frustrating for me. While they never actually fall out, after five or so minutes one, usually the left, would work its way out, ruining the seal I depend on for the deep bass I like. I ordered a pair of ADV's Eartune Fidelity sleeves for my Trio.

I already had recent impressions, so I placed my order through ADV's website. ADV told me they didn't have a pattern for the 64Audio Trio, so I boxed up my impressions and my Trio and mailed them to California. I was told everything would be returned to me in approximately four weeks. Unfortunately, I deleted my e-mails to ADV: I think total turn-around was five weeks or so including shipping both ways, but I can't verify it.

20220225_171940.jpg 20220225_172016.jpg

I got everything back today. I opened everything up immediately and twisted the sleeves onto my Trio and then into my ear to check fit. The silicone is a bit sticky and squishy so I had a bit of difficulty getting them set. ADV sent a packet of Westone Oto-Ease, which was helpful. Hopefully I'll learn the trick soon and won't need that anymore.


The sleeves are really comfortable. The custom fit is nice since it doesn't rely on friction and compression to hold an IEM in place. One of the first things I did was grab a bowl of cereal and have a snack. :) The Eartune Fidelity sleeves passed the "chew" test with flying colors, my Trio didn't budge while I noshed.

As you've heard, custom sleeves do not allow IEMs to nestle in your outer ear the way they used to. As you can see below, Trio + sleeve is not a stealth "installation".

20201201_174058.jpg 20220225_175116.jpg
Without sleeves With sleeves

I don't sleep with headphones (on purpose), but there won't be any wearing these to bed. Even though they now stick out quite a bit, the sleeves fill my ear canal and the volume between the crux of the helix and antitragus everything is secure.

I think I hear a difference between what Trio sounds like with these sleeves and my memory of what they sounded like a month ago. I'll post a follow-up after I've had some time with these and done some comparisons with my go-to tips, the Spin Fit CP240.

I'm going to rate these at 3.5 for now since I don't know if or how they did or didn't change the sound of my Trio. I hope I can edit this...

UPDATE (May 19,2022)
I've finally had some time to listen to my Trio with both the ADV custom sleeves and my go-to SpinFit CP240 tips. Ergonomics first, sound second.

It's really easy to get Trio in my ears, with a fairly deep insertion and good seal, with the SpinFit CP240. Unfortunately, the SpinFit tips don't keep Trio in my ears very well, especially the left side. I do need to go back to a medium tip on the left side, I've been using a small for a while now. When the ear pieces slip out, the seal gets weak and isolation and bass response suffer. In addition, the SpinFits aren't "disappear" comfortable for hours at a time. I just had a three-hour listen while on a flight today and my ears were a bit sore from the outward pressure of the tips, plus the rubbing.

With the ADV tips, I have a hard time getting Trio in my ears properly. The Oto-Ease gel from Westone helps a lot, but the silicone sleeves are pretty squishy and I haven't practiced the insert-twist-push movement enough to do it right. The good news is, once the sleeves are properly inserted they really do disappear and isolation is good (plane noises weren't silenced, but they were much attenuated) and the ear pieces don't move, they are held securely. I had a four hour listen on my flight out a couple of days ago and felt no outward pressure or rubbing, Trio really didn't feel like they were there, just the music. Of course, Trio stick out quite a bit when sleeved. No longer a stealth item.

The sleeves, as you can see in the photos above, are big. Not only to they make IEMs stick out of your ears, they make it necessary to get a pretty big case to store/ carry your IEMs. I ended up with a small Sea Horse case, which is still close to 3x the size of the Pelican 2010. While the case, in IEM terms, is huge and inconvenient, it has room for Trio+sleeves, cable, and my small DAP (A&K AK70 Mk II). Not bad for travelling in my carry-on luggage, but it would be a pain for everyday carry to and from work.

The ADV sleeves take a slight bit of the magic away from the treble of Trio. The frequency extension is still there, but some of the air, sparkle and delicacy is gone. It really isn't much, but I noticed it. Most of the time I didn't notice it, but when I did I missed it because I really like Trio treble. From the midrange down to through the bass I didn't notice much change. Maybe some transparency lost (i.e. a little muddier), maybe. As many of you know, I am not good at hearing the sound stage with head phones, so I can't comment if the ADV sleeves alter Trio's ability to provide one.

In return for giving up that last bit of top-end air, I didn't have to reinsert the left ear piece every ten minutes, and I could listen until the battery in my DAP died without discomfort: six hours or more. Kind of makes me want a custom IEM. Until I decide to take that plunge, I'll use Trio with the ADV sleeves, the increase in comfort and decrease in hassle when I listen for a long time is worth it.


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Eagerly awaiting an update! The ADV solution looks great to me and I’m very interested in getting my own.
Thanks, @timbo999, it's been a busy few days, but I'll get back to my Trio sooner rather than later.



100+ Head-Fier
I like to support macdonjh's comment

I just received my ADV Ear-Tunes for my TIA FOURTE.

For me, handling & ergonomics was the driving force to order these tips.

Before that I did try some other brands, twice with ordinary (small) custom tips and from one other brand a similar bigger type, called "sleeves". These were, however NOT exactly crafted for the Fourte, but due the softer material they did fit, - and I’m currently (mis-) using them for another IEM.

The ADV's are however exactly matching the FOURTE and my first, still very provisional impression, is excellent:

Good service from ADV – I live in Switzerland - and furthermore their pricing is very fair, compared to European brands…I’d call this good “value for money”

Very good fit & comfortable to use; even they may be sticking out somewhat, this doesn’t bother me, as I’m using all my IEMs only for stationary / home use.

Sound-wise: I ‘m reluctant to make a statement, as it’s’ too early, except that my first impression is “little or no relevant" change to the worse from the other ear tips.

I should add, that I virtually never used conventional tips, such as Spin-Fits or such, since I was VERY unhappy with all of them (Which was exactly the reason to go for Custom Tips / Sleeves in the first place.)

My suggestion: The best way is to go for FULL Custom, if your IEM does offer this option… :slight_smile:


Just an after-thought:
I recall TRIO owners preferring them to the FOURTE, as the FOURTE may be a bit too aggressive in the trebles for some users ?
I just contemplate, that the Ear-Tunes may - I’m still not sure about this, though - could” tame” the FOURTE and make it sound more similar to the Trio – as I said: just a thought ?
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