Adidas PMX 680 Sports Earbud Headphones with Volume control and Neckband Holding System

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We partnered with Adidas on ergonomic design for a precise and comfortable fit.A unique moisture-resistant materials wicks away sweat and rain.Dynamic Sennheiser transducers deliver true sound performance. Designed for extreme movement. Flexible materials absorb shocks and strain. S

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Aka: sohnx
Pros: Good sound, durable construction.
Cons: Not the most comfortable
Great sound, typical dark Sennheiser tonal balance that I personally like. Sound for the money and construction is 5 stars. From an absolute sound quality falls somewhere short of that, but is quite good for the application/form factor.
Best for rock, beats, vocals, etc, simpler more intimate music types shine. Symphonies are the weak point.
Construction is solid, no worries with these, exercise, put them in the gym bag, glove box, whatever. 
Comfort is the one down fall, large ear buds may pain some people over time. They don't feel particularly secure on my head but haven't fallen off either.
Quirks, bud covers come off quite easily, haven't lost them yet though even after a year. I think they sound better without them anyway. In-line volume control is of negligible value, it does not go to zero... Maybe intended as a simple way to adjust impedance? I find some amps sound better with these if I set the in-line to full minus and turn the amp up to compensate, works wonders with some types of amplification. Dynamic take a hit but tonal balance is vastly improved (not an issue with your typical portable out)
Some sound isolation, depends on your ear shape I would suppose, the hum of a computer may be largely or partially drowned out with these on and music at moderate levels.
All in all solid headphones, worth the $$ for the application or just sheer worry free portability. They look like everything else so won't attract much attention either.


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