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Headphone carrying case

Accessory House Global DN1PRO-A-XL

  • Photo1.jpg


    The DN1PRO-A-XL Carrying case is designed specifically to allow slightly larger headphones to fit into a FOLD FLAT style carrying case, such as the Beoplay H4, Beoplay H9, Sony MDR-XB950BT, MDR-XB950B1, MDR-XB950N1, Audio-Technica ATH-MSR7, ATH-MSR7BK, ATH-MSR7GM and ATH-MSR7NC. The case has 1cm of increased inner width and height giving Beoplay H4, Beoplay H9, Sony MDR-XB950BT, MDR-XB950B1, MDR-XB950N1, Audio-Technica ATH-MSR7, ATH-MSR7BK, ATH-MSR7GM and ATH-MSR7NC a great fit.

    Impact resistant EVA shell, GRIP-TECH outer liner, stitched water resistant zipper, soft blue lycra inner lining, soft black lycra inner mould lining, quality NYLON Accessory BAG, shoulder strap, microfibre cloth and carabineer for quick and easy transport. Fold flat headphone moulded interior (with headband and earphone divider) securing your headphones from unwanted movement. Depending on the model of headphones you have you may need to adjust the headphone arms for a better fit.

    Dimensions: 23 x 21.5 x 6.5 cm

    381 g

    Price: £24.95

    Accessory House Global offers an increasing range of cases for different headphones, available on Amazon and eBay.

Recent Reviews

  1. MBit
    Great headphone and gear carrying case
    Written by MBit
    Published Nov 29, 2017
    Pros - Headphone fit, built quality, price, great accessories and attention to detail.
    Cons - Not much - only in comparison to the "sibling" case DN1PRO-A: A slightly thinner cushion inside and the the hard shell of the lid is a tiny bit more flexible.


    After purchasing the slightly slimmer model DN1PRO-A to accommodate my Sony MDR-1A headphones I was worried that the tight fit might deform the ear cushions on the long term. So I talked to Brandon about that, the man behind Accessory House Global. He assured me that he never received any negative feedback regarding that issue and told me about his plans for a slightly larger case. After a few months, when it hit the market, he offered me a free sample for testing and reviewing. That is great customer service and very much appreciated! Since I kept the first case anyway, I can now compare both for their respective benefits.


    Above all, I want my (better) stuff to be stored safely away – so I like cases and bags. When I bought the Sony MDR-1A, my first more expensive headphones, I needed something sturdy to keep and carry them in. Also, I wanted some additional space for cables, a power plug and an audio player. As for price, I had that rule of thumb in mind, that a bike should have a good lock at about 10% its own price to protect it.



    Coming in a plastic bag, you get the case itself, a accessory bag, a shoulder strap, a carabineer and a small microfiber cloth. What immediately stands out is the quality: The case looks and feels sturdy with its hard shell covered by rubber. The zippers are a bit hard to move but that is due to them being water resistant – that design is also used on outdoor gear. On the inside you will find a smooth, molded compartment for your headphones with a small Velcro strip to attach the accessory bag. The inside of the lid almost feels like a soft, flat cushion that adapts to the shape of the headphones. Actually, that “cushion” is thicker (and thus more useful?) on the thinner version of the case – I wonder why? It’s the only noticeable difference in quality between the two… But beside that, all is sewn and glued together nicely – “Made in China” is not something to be frowned upon here.


    After quality, attention to detail stands out: Three rings on the case and one on the accessory bag help to attach them to all kinds of things: Shoulder straps, bag packs, belts, other cases, etc. I especially like the small accessory bag which is almost better suited for use outside the case. Its nylon exterior and soft, padded inside protect my FiiO X3II DAP or my Chord Mojo very well and thus it is almost a waste to only use it for cables. The carabineer is a nice touch but I wouldn’t trust it with a fully loaded case of expensive gear. The strap might be the better choice here. The microfiber cloth on the other hand is quite useful in cleaning off fingerprints or dust from your gear. All in all, those details made the product exceed my above listed expectations.


    Since I have the bigger version of the case, I use it to permanently store my Sony MDR-1A. The lid on that one is about 1cm higher, so no worries about it squeezing the ear cushions anymore. The fit might now actually be a bit loose for those headphones if you prefer them to be hold firmly in place during travel. In that case it comes down to personal use and taste I guess. The overall outline and molded part is the same on both models and it snugly fits my Sony headphones. If you have the MDR-1A, you might want to remove the cable for storage as the plug may get bended. In addition to the headphone itself there is enough space for cables and an audio player or DAC/Amp.


    On to an important issue: How tough is the case? Since I tend to be quite careful with my things I didn’t yet find out what throwing around does to it. Still, I was curious about how much weight it can take. For lack of a better weight, I just asked my daughter to stand on it with her 17 kilograms. As you can see on the photos, the case gets squeezed a little but holds up otherwise. I wouldn’t do that for too long but this was helpful to get an idea about the bearable amount of pressure.



    I am very happy with the DN1PRO-A-XL and warmly recommend it! It ticked all my boxes: Fit, quality and price. That alone would make it 4 out of 5 stars. Accessories and details earn the fifth star.

    But then (and this is just in comparison to the DN1PRO-A), the thinner cushion makes for a dent in the rating. Also, the higher lid of the XL seems to make its hard shell a tiny bit more flexible – maybe the hard shell should be reinforced on the XL for more stability.

    So my final rating is 4.9/5. Now go get yours!
    1. Megazine
      Thank you for this. Well done.
      Megazine, Jan 5, 2018


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