7Hertz Timeless

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  • Double-sided Array N52 Magnet and Ultra-thin Diaphragm14.2mm Planar Driver
  • CNC Aluminum Shell
  • Detachable MMCX Cable
  • Lightweight and Comfortable

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New Head-Fier
Review Of The 7Hz Timeless
Pros: Fun and engaging sound
Treble extension
Bass extension
Great resolution and speed of a planar
Warm and thick sounding bass
Cons: Resolving power in the bass
Vocals aren't very detailed but great
Layering and Imaging

Review Of The 7Hz Timeless



The 7Hz Timeless is a planar magnetic IEM by a Chinese company 7hz. This is their first attempt on a planar magnetic IEM which is a success as they are one of the best planar IEMs, maybe in fact the best IEM under $300. Till date there is no other IEM under $300 have better technical resolvability. Other than the 7hz Timeless they released i77, i88, i99 with their mini model as well as their recent launch 7hz Eternal. None of which I have auditioned or owned. Coming back to the Timeless, these are priced at $220-$225 at the following below:-


And about Rs 18,000 at the following below:-



*This is my own purchased unit, each and every thoughts below mentioned are my personal own thoughts and they are not fiddled with any outside influences.
*I do not own or have heard any other planar IEM's, so these are reviewed on their own performance.
*I will be comparing these with couple of my favorites Yume Midnight and Moondrop Blessing 2.
*I will be referring these IEMs to as 'Timeless' for the rest of the review.
*And at last I will only be reviewing the Timeless on the basis of their performance, I do not care what these are made of or packaged with when newly purchased unless it affects the sound in any sense what so ever.


Timeless is a full planar magnetic IEM which houses a 14.2 mm planar magnetic driver which have a double sided array of N52 magnets and a 2mm ultra thin diaphragm. These have an impendence of 14.8 ohms and sensitivity of 104db. The frequency response is from 5Hz to 40kHz.


Timeless have a V-Shape sound signature, as it houses a planar magnetic IEM, the response you get from these is fast, resolved and detailed. They have great treble extension and great resolving power and at the same time being warm and natural sounding.



The Timeless's treble have forward treble presentation. It has shrill sound with more ss's and tt's pronounced in the mix. although being very well extended in the treble still feels soft. I find the air in the blessing 2 a little bit dry than the timeless. Also Moondrop blessing 2 have less presence in the treble than the timeless. Every element in the treble region works very well and provide better tonal performance and technicality when it comes to Moondrop blessing 2. To be honest I find the blessing 2 much better tuned. Timeless is overall better in every aspect than the female vocals while comparing to the Yume midnight. The female vocals have more natural reach when it comes to blessing 2. When it comes to a little more happening in the treble, the vocals are drowned in treble with timeless whereas blessing 2 performs eloquently and precisely which results in more details and resolution. Obviously they both are tuned very differently. Although the tonal integrity of Moondrop blessing 2 in sound is not lost overall except the dryness felt in the treble air above 8-10k region and I find the characteristics to keep it all along the spectrum wonderfully, where the timeless being v shaped in sound. The Timeless do sound detailed and fine sounding disregarding that much bass. I agree on Timeless not being clean or analytical but it doesn't want to be.

Mid Range

Like with the treble the timeless is very much forward with the mids especially the upper mids. The upper mids are shouty and really hot. Everything is so in front in your face (figuratively speaking) that the sound is intimate and close with presentation. Every element tries to take the front seat. there is really no placing or separation of instruments or vocals in the mix. There is more space for every element to breathe and play their role while listening to blessing 2 but not with timeless. The vocals sound lean and feels like at higher octaves the female vocals distort. There is a definite stage in blessing 2, there is more happening in the above and below when comparing to the timeless. Female have a more natural feel to it with Yume midnight. Whereas the lower mids feels fuller more upbringing, I find the lower octaves of female vocals in this region while listening to timeless much better than in the upper mids and treble. The overall presentation is better in all aspects in this region while listening to timeless.


When it comes to mid bass timeless sound thick and slams really hard, although being this thick sounding the lower octaves of vocals drowns due to the over bloated bass. the sense of humming on timeless have a good amount of note weight almost feels musical and natural. Very submissive bass response. comparing to the Moondrop blessing 2 and the Yume midnight the bass they produce is very controlled never takes on charge like timeless and never does feel like complete mostly in Yume midnight. The bass acting on the timeless hits fast but even though it tries to recover or decay it gets messy but maintains it's harmonic values. The Yume midnight and the Moondrop blessing 2 have a great stage for every element to breathe where as sounding musical I find it a little congested. In the bass region, when it comes to timeless the mid bass have the authoritative hand while sub bass goes with it. The sub bass extends very well but Yume have much better extension. Blessing 2 has very well and detailed bass overall.

Technical Performance

Timeless exceeds in every aspect in technical performance comparing to the Yume midnight. The Moondrops are a level up from Timeless. Timeless being a planar magnetic IEM, it has all properties of what a planar does. Being very precise have a good layering separation and soundstage and also trying to achieve a quarter in space in doing something new in bass region becoming what a planar wasn't expected to be. There is some kind of power and energy which is very unique to ears about the planar
especially when it it is coming from an IEM.


Soundstage, Sound Imaging & Separation

there is a sense of wide separation between instruments and vocals in regions where you might not find it happening. I am not saying it is the best coming to an iem in this price range, for that check out the final audio a4000 in stage department they will blow your socks off, but they are really good in staging. The layering is okayish to be honest, while comparing to the Yume midnight and the Moondrop blessing 2. The separation is quite the level of Yume midnight, not too spacious sounding nor too close. Although very easy to point out where the sound is coming from. The presentation is not entirely all around like the blessing 2. but better than the Yume midnight.

Speed & Resolution

The planar, like I said before are very fast in presentation, the details retrieval is astonishingly good. the notes hits really hard with density and decays smoothly. It doesn't precisely execute sounds the way it should but tries to keep it clean. But for the price they come in they have the best resolution under $300. Although for a planar to keep up with this profound sense of warmth and tonality while outproducing this much technical performance is marvelous.


Definitely Timeless are worth the price, they are engaging and fun sounding IEMs with sub par technical performance and tonal attributes which makes it sound more natural and warm. 7hz's take on a planar is really unique and they have found so much excellence with this IEM. Where it's sublime nature of producing sounds so resolving with extended length

Sources And Tracks Used



Apple XS Max
Apple Dongle Dac
Shanling UA1 Pro
Apple Lossless
Localy stored Flac and Wav Files


Curtis Mayfield - Pusherman
Earth, Wind & Fire - September
Earth, Wind & Fire - Let's Groove
Boston - More Than A Feeling
Fleetwood Mac - Everywhere(Remastered)
Toto - Africa
The Police - Every Breath You Take
George Benson - Affirmation
Daft Punk - Doin' It Right
Daft Punk - Derezzed
Daft Punk - Tron Legacy (End Titles)
GOJIRA - Amazonia
The Mars Volta - Inertiatic ESP
Fergie - Glamorous
50 Cent - In Da Club
Jay Z - Holy Grail
Erbes - Lies
Nitti Gritti - The Loud
Juelz - Inferno


New Head-Fier
7Hz Timeless – The first good planar IEM
Pros: - First good, even great planar IEM
- Excellent technicalities (especially details and resolution)
- Impactful, controlled bass
- Great fit and accessory package
Cons: - Treble-y female vocals
- Bass can be overpowering
- Average staging and subpar imaging
- Treble can show sibilance
I try to write my reviews in a slightly different style and format. The goal is to reduce it to the most useful and necessary information, making reading and skimming the review easier and faster. We all sometimes lack time to read or watch in-depth reviews, so this review should offer an alternative.

You'll find more reviews in this style here on Head-Fi on my website Flightless Bird.

Listening Setup:
  • Lossless (or High-Res where available) Apple Music
  • Fiio M11 Plus LTD
  • Apple Lightning Dongle
  • Fiio KA3
  • iFi Go Blu
  • If not stated otherwise, all IEMs are reviewed with the stock cable and tips
Favourite IEMs:
  • ThieAudio Oracle
  • Dunu SA6
  • Moondrop Blessing 2:Dusk
  • Punk Rock
  • Rap (especially German)
  • Pop
  • Indie
My Apple Music Replay 2021, so you can get an idea for my preferred music:

Product7Hz Timeless
Driver Configuration1x Planar
Price219,99 USD
Who is it for?People wanting a decent tuning with great bass performance and resolution. Additionally, people wanting to try out a decent planar IEM.


Frequency Response​

7Hz Timeless Graph.png

This measurement has been taken with a IEC711 coupler. You can find more in my Graph Database.

About the IEM​

  • Somewhat odd design that I wouldn’t really like wearing in public because of the big disk that protrudes out of the ear
  • Excellent fit, that quite surprised me given the design
  • Great overall package with a big selection of tips and a good-feeling cable
  • Seems to have some QC problems according to other users, everything was fine with my unit
🥈Great accessory package and good fit, somewhat hindered by a unsightly design and QC problems

Sound Impressions​

  • Excellent crisp and dynamic bass
  • Treble can be piercing at some points
  • Tends to loose some detail and resolution in the treble region
  • More suitable for male than female vocals → shown quite well in “Without a Parachute by Anna Rosinelli”
  • Midbass can sometimes drown out part of the vocals and move them to the background of a track
  • Vocals can further give a “metallic” impression, especially female vocals
  • Average stage and imaging is too “central”
  • Outstanding details and resolutions, nearly unmatched at that price point
🥈Decent sounding IEM with a fun and entertaining tuning that excels with outstanding details and resolution

Song Impressions​

White Dress - Lana del ReyReally hard track to get the vocals right and enjoyable. Vocals are slightly unpleasant because of the treble peaks.
Altes Fieber (ohne Strom) - Die Toten HosenVocals a tad too much in the background, live audience almost not hearable, solid live stage imitation
Another Love - Tom OdellBass suprisingly a litte lacking, Vocals get good representation and feel intimate enough, instruments tightly clustered
Exile - Taylor SwiftJustin Vernon’s vocals sound just amazing and powerful, while Taylor’s voice is just bit frayed, soundstage too close


Shuoer S12: The elephant in the room​

When reviewing the 7Hz Timeless, there’s one big elephant in the room: The Shuoer S12, another well-received planar IEM with a similar tuning to the Timeless. While I haven’t yet listened to the S12, most people that have heard both, tend to prefer the S12, even if it’s just because of the about $60 lower price. When you’re looking to buying the Timeless, at least keep the existence of the S12 in mind.

SeeAudio Yume:Midnight​

The Yume:Midnight are one of the benchmark IEMs at around $200 and therefore a logical comparison to the Timeless.

Graph Timeless vs Yume Midnight.png

Advantages Timeless:
  • Better fit, especially for longer listening sessions
  • Better, more crispy bass
  • Better details and resolution
Advantages Yume:Midnight:
  • More enjoyable treble
  • Better female vocals
  • Stage is wider and imaging more exact

Moondrop Kato​

The Kato are another stable at the $200 mark and another clear contender.

Graph Timeless vs Kato.png

Advantages Timeless:
  • Better fit, especially for longer listening sessions
  • Better, more crispy bass
  • Better details and resolution
Advantages Kato:
  • More enjoyable treble
  • Better female vocals
  • Stage is wider and imaging more exact


The 7Hz Timeless are quite the success. Not only are the Timeless the first Planar IEMs that are actually good and enjoyable (sorry Tin P1…), they are just good IEMs.


They excel especially with technicalities that are almost unmatched at around $200. For IEMs that are as detailed and as resolving, you’d almost have to go to the about $100 more expensive Moondrop Blessing 2 (Dusk).

The mid bass is the one thing that’s a somewhat big downside for my personal preference. It tends to overpower and overshadow the mids and especially the vocals. Combined with a peaky treble performance, vocals aren’t necessarily the Timeless’ strength.

Review Grafik 7Hz Timeless wo BG.png
Last edited:
129 USD. Is that a typo?
@Jarlaxle Yes, that's a typo, I've fixed it. Thanks for letting me know.


New Head-Fier
Excellent Value
Pros: 1. Amazing timbre
2. Fun bass
3. Natural vocals
4. Good resolution
5. Very comfortable on medium/large ears
6. Overall pleasant sound and instantly likeable
7. Jack of all trades
8. Easy to drive
Cons: 1. Imaging is not as good as some similarly priced competitors but competent enough
2. Detail retrieval could be better
3. Occasionally sharp lower treble (very minor issue though)
4. Bass definition and texture could use some work
5. Plasticky cable. Over the top aluminum case that's practically useless
Comfort and Build quality:
Despite its odd shape, timeless is actually extremely comfy. I can wear them effortlessly for hours without any discomfort. The cable is honestly, quite mediocre and tacky and tangles easily. Provided carry case is made entirely of Aluminum thus heavy and impractical. Also it'll often catch on my thumb skin while attempting to close the lids (very sharp edges). the earpieces themselves are well built as well.


Timeless is probably the most perfect people pleaser IEM under 300 USD. Its comfy, has authoritative midbass heavy bass response, a well executed midrange without the wonkiness that many planars tend to have and a flawed but decent treble response. Very strong wow factor.

That being said, there are a few caveats. Imaging is not nearly as good as its similarly priced competitors (Blessing 2 and Softears Volume for example). It occasionally fails to pick up finer details from music (where Volume, B2 and er4xr excel and are at the level of IEMs costing twice/thrice as much). Layering and instrument separation are decent but not remarkable. There is an overly smooth and safe characteristic to its overall sound (with occasional rough edges in the lower treble). Timbre is excellent and handles all genres with ease (which Volume doesn't. Unforgiving to poorly mastered stuff).

TLDR: Excellent IEM. Unhateable tonality with some minor technical setbacks. I think the pricing for this IEM is just perfect.




New Head-Fier
While it handles well, is good to look at & seems like it is well suited to the product, I have rapidly discovered that the supplied stock cable is choking the life out of the 7Hz Timeless. A quick switch to the reasonably priced Tripowin Altea cable bears this out immediately! Better bass, better treble extension & definition.


100+ Head-Fier
While it handles well, is good to look at & seems like it is well suited to the product, I have rapidly discovered that the supplied stock cable is choking the life out of the 7Hz Timeless. A quick switch to the reasonably priced Tripowin Altea cable bears this out immediately! Better bass, better treble extension & definition.
I've been listening to my Timeless non-stop for the last month or more. I have tried them with pure silver cables and yes, it can extract more upper range, definition, and tighter (I would not say "better") bass. However, there is excellent synergy with the stock cable that cannot be ignored. I do not consider the stock cable to "choke" the Timeless sound. On the contrary, it is complementary to the sound and gives it a much broader, fuller range of dynamics that creates a much more immersive listening experience. Frankly, I think the team at 7Hz did a magnificent job at pairing up these IEMs with the cable. Now, is there a "better" cable out there that can maintain the character of the Timeless while increasing technicalities and tonality? Probably. But remember, this is a $200 set. If you want to pair these IEMs with a $1000 cable, I would hope it would improve the overall sound. But I personally believe that the stock cable is a terrific match for the Timeless right out of the box.

Tip selection also has a significant impact on sound quality, so that needs to be considered as well. For my ears, and my tastes, the CP100+ tip from Spinfit seems to extract a high level of detail while maintaining solid bass quantity and quality, and matches with the stock cable very well.

Let's not also forget that the source, DAC, and amp all play a part in overall sound quality. There are many variables upstream that most people don't take into account when they "review" output devices such as IEMs, headphones, or speakers. So, overall, in my experience the Timeless is a revelation in IEM technology, including the stock cable. I cannot wait to hear what 7Hz comes up with next. Bravo!