1More Colorbuds TWS IPX5 Dual ENC Mic BT5.0

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little bud big performance
Pros: Portability, Comfortable, A good all around tuned full range BA, nice smart play features, good playback time.
Cons: Tips could be better and black case is a fingerprint magnet but nothing major.

The 1more comes in a attractive box with plenty on information on it , something I really find commendable, many companies tell just about nothing on the box but a few basic things.
The one more are built comfortable for my ears and look very cool too. The are some of the smallest TWS I've ever seen.
With touch features and Bluetooth 5.0 , aptX and AAC, Multiple pairing mode and IPX5. The great Qualcomm chip offers excellent connectivity and the BA driver is full range giving this little bud big performance. Call quality was better than average or expected considering how small this is. Smart playback, 15 minute charge for 2 hour playback and a average of 5 hours playback from full charge with dual microphone cancelation round off the feature rich tiny bud.

The BA delivers a surprising low end Bass and good speed in the upper Bass, Mids are forward and clear with highs delivering the right touch of sparkle. the ColorBuds or model ESS6001T has above average soundstage with a little less depth than width but is very decent in its imaging and being a BA this has a nice amount of detail retrieval to it. Sound quality is one of the best Ive heard from a TWS in this price range I would consider this a nice U shape signature with balanced Mids and Treble with a tasteful elevation in the Sub-bass and rapid punchy Mid-Bass.

Conclusion: This is my favorite TWS as of this point in writing this I could listen to these all day.


100+ Head-Fier
Finally a 1More offering I like....but not that much
Pros: Sound Quality, AptX support, PNI, Latency, Portability
Cons: Call Quality, Controls, IOS App (doesn't work), Long-term comfort, Terrible supplied tips
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Model: 1More Colorbuds
Price: £75.99
Review Reference: RC017

Manufacturer Blurb:
  • Brand Name: 1MORE
  • Model: Colorbuds ESS6001T
  • Driver: Balanced Armature
  • Chipset: Qualcomm QCC3040
  • Mic: 4, cVc 8.0
  • Active Noise Cancellation: No
  • Volume Control: Yes
  • Codecs: AAC, SBC, AptX
  • Earbud Weight: 4g
  • Earbud Dimensions: 26 x 22 x 21mm
  • Case Weight: 41g (fully loaded)
  • Case Dimensions: 60 x 38 x 30mm
  • Connectors: USB-C
  • Qi: No
  • Input: 5v 1a
  • Case Capacity: 410mAh
  • Single Charge Playtime: Up to 6 hours
  • Total Playtime: Up to 22 hours
  • Charge Duration: 120 minutes
  • Quick Charge: Yes
  • Impedance Range: Up to 22Ω
  • Frequency Response Range: 20 - 20000Hz
  • Bluetooth Version: 5.0
  • Water Resistance: IPX5

1 x Pair Wireless Earbuds
1 x USB Type-C Charge Case
1 x USB Type-C Charge Cable
3 x Pair Silicone Tips
2 x Sticker
1 x User manual

Real Life Experience


Welcome to the Regancipher review of the 1More ColorBuds. After a few false starts with 1More's weird form factor releases, albeit great tuning, I was hoping this would be the release where I'd have more luck. Their neutral sound signature is right up my street, so finding buds with the ideal fit was a mission I was determined to pursue.

The Unboxing - 7/10


The 1More Casing feels premium, as it should for the price. The front details the key features - balanced armature drivers, quick charge and the Qualcomm chipset offering aptX support - and the back goes into more detail, including dimensions and weights.

As well as the usual fare you get a couple of stickers - cute!

The Case - 8/10


The case is shiny flesh-pink, is charged with USB-C and is reasonably portable. At just 60mm wide they are one of the narrower cases around, and despite weighing slightly more than some of the other earbud cases on the market on paper, it feels lightweight yet substantial.

The case is tall compared to the likes of the FIIL T1 Pro/ T1XS and Tronsmart Onyx Free, but nothing to be concerned about. It does not support wireless charging, but does have a rubber base like the Jabra 75t, which makes it handy for sitting on your laptop and not sliding off on the train.

There is a single light on the front, which turns amber when the charge starts to drop, and flashes red ten times when it is going to run out, and inside the case there's a button in the middle, I guess to reset and re-pair. 15 minutes charging gives you 2 hours - which is impressive.

Once inside you see a very small cockpit within which the buds sit in order to commence charging, held by a secure magnet, with a reset button in the centre. You get a total of 22 hours playtime from the case, which is not exactly market leading, but is more than adequate for most people.

The Ergonomics - 6/10


With a glossy exterior, the colorbuds have a premium feel to them. One mic is located on the top on the outside, and one at the base.


The earbuds are designed to be inserted and then twisted so the mic follows your jawline. At first, I found them really comfortable, but after 3 days my right ear is so sore I won't be able to use earbuds for a while. This could be subjective and may be one of many factors so don't read too much into this.


The shape is reminiscent of the Tranya T10 - bulbous and isolating, which it does well. It is also finished nicer than the Tranya so there is no plastic rubbing against your concha. However, as you may have noticed above, I had to switch supplied tips, which are atrocious to the point they actually stifle the sound. On first listen I thought the buds were rubbish, but after changing the tips a very different sound signature came to the surface.

They are IPX5 and at 4.1g each, they are ideal for sport even without a wing tip, which I usually prefer. The lack of ambient mode would rule them out for running.

Sound Quality - 8/10 (for the price paid), 8/10 (raw score)

£75 ain't that cheap for a set of earbuds, so I expected good quality sound, and I was not disappointed. The last 1More set I reviewed, the Stylish, were hollow and narrow. Not the case with these.

They are advertised as 'balanced armature' and whether they are or aren't, who knows. They certainly have a more balanced sound signature than I'm used to testing bluetooth TWS, but don't skim on the bass either. Bass is really well represented compared to the Stylish and came through very punchy, uncongested and tight when listening to techno, which is often the true test of a set of earbuds. My preferred styles - Opera and Melodic Techno - sounded really nice, almost average-IEM quality.

The soundstage is, well, as it should be - neither excessively airy nor intimate. Mids are excellent. Baritone tracks sound crystal clear with the vocals slightly set back giving detail to both saxaphones and bass guitars.

Whilst it's fair to say the kind of sound quality doesn't have you dancing around the living room, it makes you want to lie down and take it all in, imagining you're somewhere other than a soon-to-be locked-down (again) UK in the midst of a global pandemic. And there's something to be said for that kind of feeling right now.

Call Quality - Indoors - 8/10, Outdoors - 6.5/10

Clarity is surprisingly good for in-ears. Inside is perfectly acceptable, but outdoors is inconsistent. Even with traffic in very harsh conditions today, you could still hear my voice clearly and very loud too, sadly too loud - peaking at times. I would imagine this can't be good for your hearing, especially with the excellent passive noise isolation they offer.

This is typical of cVc 8.0 unfortunately - it does little in the way to balance ambient sound, letting everything through.

Clarity - 7/10
Affected by the environment - 6/10
Suppression - 6.5/10
Naturalness - 7/10

Connectivity, Controls and Other Features - 6/10

First time connecting, the left bud disconnected with nothing around me and my phone about 20cm from my head. Not a great start. Since then, they have been fine. I've read a few reports complaining about them but after that initial hiccup they've been ok.

Controls on the other hand - well, who knows what they are meant to be doing. You don't seem to be able to change volume or change tracks. You can play, pause, answer calls.....and that's it. I would do as the guide says and change the controls on the app. Except it doesn't work on IOS. On Android it gives you some options to change the button config, but volume is greyed out. Voice assistant is hailed by pressing either bud three time. Allegedly.

On the subject of the app...it's not much. There's a battery indicator for each bud, user guide and the option to update the firmware. Mine were delivered with v0.21.0. You can also adjust the smart playback setting. This was a bit haphazard as well.

The buds support Bluetooth 5.0, and also offer the AptX codec as well as AAC and SBC. AptX offers improved latency on android, and this was evident in testing. Videos are close to lipsync, although gamers will probably want to look elsewhere.

Battery Life - 8/10

A solid 6 hours indicated, and just short of 6 hours was how long it lasted. Whilst the 22 hours provided with the case isn't exactly market-leading, it's good enough for most buyers.


A big jump in quality from the Stylish, but despite a pleasant audible experience, the 1More Colorbuds weren't for me. This release has been promoted as a 'comfortable' bud that is suitable for females and those with slightly smaller ear canals, but I found the real life experience to be quite the opposite, with unnecessary pressure against the tragus.

The case is odd-shaped, and that impacts on their portability. As good as the sound is, without a decent mic I am struggling for use cases for the Colorbuds.

Discomfort is of course subjective but it is a complaint I have seen from more than just me regarding these buds, so they sit very much in the 'try before you buy' category.

Price Weighted Score: 73%
Raw Score: 77%
2022 Score: 70%
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