1964 Ears 1964-Q Quad Driver Custom IEM

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  1. linpowei
    high quality, great sound
  2. benzoylmethyl
    "1964 Quad "Q""
    Pros - Amazing customer service, inoffensive sound, stupid bass for an IEM
    Cons - A little boring for my taste
    The price paid is because I had to do rushed-rush processing.  1964 delivered, with the best customer service imaginable. 
    The Q has great lows, very good mids, but lack a little in the highs.  I like heavily colored headphones and I knew the Q was a reference monitor going in...but that didn't keep me from being a bit disappointed by the lack of excitement to their sound.
    I would say that for 90% of the people on head-fi, these would be a very good fit.  Basically, unless you're an overly sensitive little girl and think the K601/701 has too much bass or you're like me and want your headphones to lend their own character to your music, you will be hugely satisfied with these monitors.
    Check my full review here:
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  3. aamefford
    "1964 Ears Quads"
    Pros - Price / Performance, Customer Service, Sound Quality
    Cons - Custom fit - Excellent when it fits, an effort to get there
    The quads sound fantastic to me.  They are my preferred sound signature - all the detail, very present bass, but honestly not fatiguing or overpowering, very slightly attenuated treble.  All this leads to a detailed yet warm sound, and the slight roll off on the treble keeps them from being fatiguing.  These are concieved as a stage monitor first, and as a high end pair of headphones for musical enjoyment second, which always works well for me.  So many "audiophile" headphones have some sort of built in "wow" factor somewhere in the frequency band that eventually makes them fatiguing to me.  The accentuated bass comes closest to this in these headphones, but stops short of being fatiguing.  It lends the sense of warmth that I enjoy.  A great set of headphones (ok, iems), and a nice first (and very possibly last - they are that good) foray into custom iems.
    Fit was perfect in the right ear, questionable in the left.  After 6 months of intermittent use (headphones suit most of my listening better, but iem's fit a need for traveling and privacy) I have finally sent them back for a refit on the left.  I'll try and remember to update when they get back.
    Note that 1964 Ears has always - without exception - been gracious, courteous and just plain awesome in customer service.  Heck, they ponied up for overnight shipping, and bent over backward to complete these for my birthday this year!  Aleksey even hand wrote a happy birthday note to me, and stuck in an iTunes gift card!  Seriously nice folks.
    There are a lot of custom iem options out there, and it is hard to choose.  I am very satisfied with these!
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  4. Coasterjeffry
    Pros - Best bang for the buck out there....
    Cons - None.....
    If you want customs and don't have $1000+ this is most certainly the way to go. Not much more $ than many universals as well. I have had ER4s and MTPC and they haven't come out of the drawer one time since I got these. Great customer service as well...