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    3.5m Termination: The Flat Profile???

    Hi Guys,   I wanted to ask if there was anyway to find connectors that resembled the end of the JH/UE linein termination:       it would seem that they offer the lowest profile of any stand alone connectors i have seen, does anyone know where i could find any for sale ... other...

    Sony: IFA 2010: New Headphones

    Hi i was just reading over on akihabara and they are listing a new lineup of sony cans:   MDR-Z1000 / MDR-ZX700 / MDR-ZX500 / MDR-ZX300 / MDR-ZX100   the article primarily focused on the z1000 ($730!)   "The MDR-Z1000, targeting audiophiles, features 360KJ/m3 High power neodymium...