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  1. spookanide

    questyle cma 600i vs violectric v100 for driving planars

    Hi, I found both units second hand for roughly the same price. I was wondering who has listening experience on both of these. I did read that the questyle 600i amp has a smoothness to it when used with an external DAC (I have a TEAC which sounds neutral). I also read the v100 has great bass...
  2. spookanide

    sub $300 recommendation - getting bored of my HD558 - eclectic listener

    Hello guys,   I am looking to upgrade and since having a taste of the AKG Y50, I am getting a little bored of my HD558s. I searched the forums for ideas but it seems most HD558 owners are looking for more of the same, while I'm looking for a bit more excitement. Personal preferences: I...