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  1. xyyz

    i need some help tweaking my HD598's or figuring out if they're defective

    alright, first of all, I don't have "golden ears."  so now that's out of the way, I need some helping figuring out what you do with my HD598's. here's a little sound profile: for headphones, i own a set of ATH-AD700's, HD-280's.  i also have a set of Shure e3c's and  UE Triplefi 10's. ...
  2. xyyz

    best budget DAC for around $50

    since i'm spending more and more time with at the comp, i'm looking to purchase a portable DAC that i can tote around and drop in when i want to listen to my Spotify lists. i have a budget of $50, and i will use the DAC in tandem with a CMOY to drive a set of ADH700s, HD280s, and, on...