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    washing headphone pads?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Zorander Seems to me spinning the pads in the washing machine causes it. I have had zero issues with hand-washing pads, whether it be Grado or Senn ones. Regards. Nope, didn't need to spin the Grado pads. But never mind, my single pair of pads may...
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    Bookshelf Speakers

    Quote: Originally Posted by ThePredator I have started piecing together the BOM for the amp, but I don't really know what I need for the power plug/jack. What kind of jack has 3-prong plugs that are widely available, and what would the particular part be called? [EDIT]: Also, what is...
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    the Pimeta-V2 thread

    Beautiful pics and the soldering's great too. Good job.
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    Post pics of your builds....

    Quote: Originally Posted by Llama16 Quick question: The 10µF capacitors (the yellowish caps) I used where the ones from the alternatives list from Tangent. Will they still do well? or should I really try (I know that they don't have those bigger ones in a store closer then 100km ) to...
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    Cheap DIY IEM foamies

    Sounds like the heady mod to me.... IEM silicone tip mod with foam
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    I think my hands are too shaky for some of this soldering

    Quote: Originally Posted by Duggeh Have a couple of gins. That'll ease those tremors Now that's good advice from the pro. Why didn't I think of that?
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    41Hz amp questions

    Quote: Originally Posted by pinkfloyd4ever And what about transformers? would this Avel 250VA 18V+18V or this Avel 250VA 25V+25V work for either a gainclone or a 41Hz Amp5 or Amp10? According to the 41Hz site, a 300VA 24V+24V like this Plitron would be ideal I am quite sure 41hz...
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    41Hz amp questions

    I have built an Amp5 and Amp6 Basic. I agree about the instructions. I think the Amp6 Basic was very easy to built though and was extremely gratifying. Especially for a little pair of bookshelf type speakers.
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    y1 gamma-1 DAC

    I think most people building this would have the experience to handle the PCM chip and similar sized chip. The first time I handle such sized chip was with the AlienDAC and it turned out ok. I don't think this will be suitable for a first DIY project anyway. Just my 2 cents.
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    Alien DAC v1.1 Construction Thread

    Quote: Originally Posted by FallenAngel 5V reg is in no way dependent on 3.3V reg. If 3.3V is OK, your 5V is doing something funky. Just check on the input and output of that reg to check proper voltage. First though, check that it's installed properly in the correct direction and...
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    Alien DAC v1.1 Construction Thread

    I have an AlienDAC which I built quite a while ago and have been using regularly. I loaned it to a friend and it stopped working when he has it. I found that there is now no output from the adjustable voltage regulator. Is it possible for the adj voltage regulator to get damaged when the 3.3V...
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    Zero Dac Problem

    Sounds like the transformer is humming to me. I think there's two possible causes, one the transformer is damaged and some part(s) is/are loose. Second, you may had DC in your AC supply. Look up DC blocker schematics for a DIY fix although be warned, it is very dangerous to work with AC, if...
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    SOHA II - Super SE Hybrid

    Quote: Originally Posted by runeight Thanks very much 04BluMach. We're getting very close to having boards for the prototype team. I appreciate your thoughts here. I have almost completely stopped introducing collaborative threads because of the way many individuals (not just Digi)...
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    soha tubes - how much impact on sound?

    Quote: Originally Posted by strangedaze39 Also you might want to try a OPA627 op amp as well. Or go for the JISBO buffers.
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    It is hard to build a Mini^3?

    I think the hardest part of building a Mini3 is to ensure that after soldering the battery terminals, you have to totally discharge the capacitors before doing anything else. Seems many people (me included) fry the opamps because they forgot this step which also need to be done each time the...
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    Alien DAC v1.1 Construction Thread

    Cronic, I have found pins 3 and 4 of the regulators hard to solder as they are connected to the ground and the heat gets sucked away too fast to get a good solder joint. I notice some of your joints has solder whiskers which does indicate your soldering iron is not quite hot enough. This is...
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    speaker amp

    41Hz audio amp kits. Sounds good to me! Tripath based amplifiers for DIY:ers. Choose the model from their range. I recommend the amp6 basic, very easy to built and sounds good.
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    I need someone to replace the LEDs on my Monica 2

    The LEDs are not especially difficult to remove and the smd chips are not that near. I am no expert in electronics and so can't explain why the LEDs are critical but they are. I think they are used as diodes to drop voltage at a fixed level. But unfortunately, some LEDs are noisy and need to be...
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    anyone ordered senn plugs from jaben?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Zorander Or you could try PM-ing the man himself here. Lol, didn't know his nick here is that, that's what we call him in his shop. Well, learning something new every day.
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    AlienDac Builders?

    I believe masantos makes them.
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    Alien DAC v1.1 Construction Thread

    hubbardo, You need to have a headphone amp after the AlienDAC to drive the headphones.
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    $0.50 speaker!

    Quote: Originally Posted by pinkfloyd4ever is it just me or does that guy sound like tangent? Now that you mentioned it, you are right!
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    Cheaper alternative to Mini^3 pre-drilled and engraved aluminum panels?

    Quote: Originally Posted by MASantos well, taking into consideration that they're based in Singapore where materials are much cheaper and that it wasn't done by a big comercial company, it's easy to understand the price for those. MASantos, I have to agree with you that...
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    Removing enamel from headphone cable

    I dipped the enameled wire in flux and then dip into melted solder on the iron to burn off the enamel. Need to do this repeatedly until solder stick to the wire. And have also used a butane cigarette lighter as well. Just don't over do it and melt the wire.
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    DIY Speaker Amp - 41hz

    Quote: Originally Posted by cotdt i built the amp5 and it is pretty good, especially for the cost. I have an amp5 too and I think it is great too. But it isn't as easy to build as the amp6basic.