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  1. a11en

    Active noise reduction -v- sound isolation IEM's

    Hi guys,   I've been toying with getting some Sennheiser PXC-450's, mostly due to a recent spat of rambunctious office mates.  I was tempted with over the ear mostly due to my belief that they may add more sound isolation.  But, maybe this isn't true?  And that's why I'm here.   I tend...
  2. a11en

    IEM's - ER4's -v- Shure E2C's? Sound isolation and freq response?

    Hi guys,   Posting a few posts here about my search for a new pair of headphones/earphones!  I've got another question on the headphone board regarding active noise reduction -v- IEM's (feel free to weigh in here if you want).   But, here goes the questions... I currently have the...