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  1. apnk

    People who wear glasses, recomend me some frames!

    I am getting new glasses and I have been searching the net for all types of frames. I prefer semi rectanglish/squarish frames, no ovals or harry potter frames. I am looking for frames on the light side, so no plastic. My budget is around $150 for just the frames, less the better. Thanks.
  2. apnk

    What should I major in? / How did you choose?

    I have been in school (ISU) for 2 years now I still don't know what I want to be when I "grow up". My freshman year I started in Software Development but I really do not like it and I can't sit in front of a computer for 8 hours. I love computers, but code pounding is not my thing. Last year, I...
  3. apnk


    .Hey I never posted this? It was that one spammer dude and for some reason it has my name on it after I reported it to the mods.
  4. apnk

    Playing music makes you smart.

    Read this.
  5. apnk

    Amp for DT990 32ohm?

    Hey I am looking for an amp around the $200 to $250 range. Could go up to $300 but prefer not to. I will be receiving a GLite soon but I believe it might not sound to great with the bright dt990's. I might get a hold of some Akg 701's sooner or later so I might keep the Glite. Anyway, my source...
  6. apnk

    college head-fiers: Study tips?

    I have been getting bad grades in my last few tests and its almost mid-terms. So I am worried. Every time I try to study I always just play around or keep putting it off and in the end I dont do much studying. I know it, I always tell myself to do something about it, but still same story in the...
  7. apnk

    Why are my tags currupted?

    Yeah.... I cleaned them all and re-taged all my mp3 files, but a few days later some are messed up again. For example, in foobar I would click a artist and select an album, then it will only display 4 or 5 songs when the album has 14 tracks. If I re-tag the files it fixes the problem, for a...
  8. apnk

    My Iriver h120 stays in 'Hold' mode!!!

    I just got it, recharged it. After it was done I turn it on and the 'hold' screen came on and then it turn off. I looked and it was not on hold! I played with the button sliding it up and down, and it still say 'hold'. I've reset it but still same thing. How is the hold slider suppose to...
  9. apnk

    How is the Archos Gmini 402?

    I am thinking about getting a 402 and sell my Iaudio x5l to finance it. Is it worth it? I know that the Archos has a better screen for movies and stuff like that, but the battery life sucks for audio. 12 hours I believe. ANybody know how is sounds compared to an iAudio? On my iAudio I love...
  10. apnk

    ps/2 to usb converter not working.

    I have a old ps/2 keyboard and I wanted to use it with my laptop for when I program, so I bought a ps/2 --> usb cable from ebay for 6 bucks. It has two plugs, one is for a mouse and the other is for a keyboard. Well anyway it doesn't work wh I plug in my keyboard! The keyboard lights (the...
  11. apnk

    Will Apple flash players drop the prices of other players?

    I am thinking of buying a Muvo Slim. I can get a 512mb Slim for $70 shipped (after a mail in rebate, ends the 8th.) If Apple does price their 512mb players at $69 will the compitition do the same? I prefer to buy an Iaudio instead of a Creative, you guys think they will go cheaper? or should...
  12. apnk


    Raquel bought my E3c's. Fast payment and awesome communication. Would do business with again. Thanks!
  13. apnk

    What was your favorite toy when you were a kid?

    Mine was a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle action figure.
  14. apnk

    New Karma carrying case Well its new to me. Has any one ordered one from them? They look like a cheaper version of the Vaja cases.
  15. apnk

    I just bought a Karma (again)

    A few months ago I bought one and returned it because Dell sent me a new 2gen 20gig DJ and i thought that it was going to be a 1st gen 15gig. I was scared of the HD problems of the Karma but i found out that the Karma and the 1st gen DJ used the same HD's and my 1st gen Dj never gave me...
  16. apnk

    You guys have any good quotes? (for yearbook)

    By tuesday I need a quote for my schools yearbook. All the seniors have their picture and a baby picture with a quote by them. SO you guys know any funny quotes that i can put next to my pics?
  17. apnk

    $100. Headphones, music, or a flash player?

    I have $100+ and i dunno what to blow it on. I was thinking on buying some higher end canal 'phones. I have the ex81's and the e2c's and I was thinking on upgrading to the em3, e3, or the um1. Or even some full size closed headphones like the xd400 or the new hd215 or the hd280's? I dont really...
  18. apnk

    Has anybody attended or will attend ITT Tech?

    If so how is/was it? I am accepted, but i am having second thoughts on whether to attend or not when they showed me how much it would cost....$37,000 for an Associate's Degree in Electronics Engineering. $480 a credit x 96credits. Damn i say. Well it has pretty good layout, i guess. 3 day...
  19. apnk

    How long have you guys had your Rio Karma's?

    And how many Karma owners still have there Karma going strong? I keep reading about these HD crashes and i'm scared of keeping the one i bought last month.
  20. apnk

    Beyer DTX 700, anyone tried them?

    I was checking out their site and these seem pretty cool. I found them online and they are $69. How do they sound? Are they worth it?
  21. apnk

    Wow! old PCDP's do sound better!

    Last year i gave my little brother my old Philips PCDP that was about five years old and i bought myself a Sony D-NE510 mp3/atrac player(i didnt know anything about good sound). In July I bought a Dell DJ and never used my sony PCDP. Last week i grabbed it off the self and listened to it and i...
  22. apnk

    PX100, PP, or KSC35?

    I have searched the forums for the past week and i have had no real answers. Some peaple say that the Px100's have harsh treble other say that its to boomy(some worship it), PP has to much bass(others say that is fine), the 35's have awsome sound (to some people, and others say its boomy like...
  23. apnk

    Why do my ATH-CM5's suck with my Dell dj?

    I recently bought the cm5's from Avaitor122, they kick ass on my sony cd player but they really suck on my dj. The sound is to bright and bassless, i have tried playing with the eq but no luck. Any idea's? Oh i thought they might need a little break-in time so i had them going for about 48...
  24. apnk

    How do you make a portable amp?

    Can you guys tell me or give me some links on how to make one of those cool little altoid mint amps? thanks guys
  25. apnk

    Dell refurb 15gb $152 and 20gb $193 sale ends june23!

    Hey guys if your looking for a cheap hd player here you go. Dell cut the prices $25! I just ordered a 15gb one. Oh yeah this deal ends Wednesday the 23rd!