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  1. ac!d-rxn

    Building IPOD LOD- recomendations for what wire to use?

    Hey All, I am just about to pick up my first amp and I need a LOD for my iphone. I bought a few OEM ipod dock connectors and I have some spare 3.5mm adapters lating around, but now I need to pick what kind of wire to use in my LOD. I looked at ALO's cryo silver wire but experienced a bit of...
  2. ac!d-rxn

    About to buy- first set of nice speakers

    Hello everyone, I have been casually looking at a set of nice floorstanding speakers for a little while now and I think I found a pretty great deal from a friend. Being a complete speaker neophyte, I wanted to just check in here and see if anyone had input or at least could confirm that...
  3. ac!d-rxn

    ES3X is on the way - what do I "NEED" now?

    Hey guys, My ES3X should be showing up in a day or two and now I am wondering, what else do I need to get the most out of these IEMs? Currently, I have a Cowon I7 and do 99% of my listening through it. Anything you can reccomend would be much appreciated!
  4. ac!d-rxn

    Custom IEM's need amps?

    Hey everyone, I am on the verge of purchasing some custom IEMs and just had a couple pressing questions. First off - I listen to mostly metal and prog. rock (Opeth, Procupine tree, Dream theater, and various generic metal bands ). My source is a Cowon IAudio7. I have owned the following...