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    The New Age of Portable Audio

    The new age of Portable Audio   The rise of universals and the slow decline of custom IEMs   There is a paradigm shift occurring with universals that is shaking portable audio to its core. The old-schoolers are having trouble wrapping their brains around what’s happening, and the new...
  2. SoundFreaq

    New Cavalli Audio Portable Amp officially in the works

    There's been much speculation, or maybe downright hope, that Cavalli Audio would make a portable amp.    That day has arrived! Cavalli Audio is pleased to announce there is a portable amp well into the design stage, and there will be a contest to name it once it reaches production! The...
  3. SoundFreaq

    WA5 or other amp into WOO WEE energizer - Best cable/connection?

    Having heard great things about the WEE scaling well with great amps, I thought I would start my foray into stats by powering them with my Liquid Fire + WEE.    For those of you that have done this, and used your 1/4" out on your amp to go into the speaker taps of the WEE, what was the cable...
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    New Apple "EarPods" - Finally - Photos

    From Apple's keynote at the WWDC just now.                          "There's a port in back for midtones, a port in the stem and a port that points to your ears. It's to "maximize airflow"." - Engadget   Interesting Design, long over due revamp...
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    [Comparison] Ultrasone Pro 900 Vs. Sony XB1000 - Bass Faceoff

    In corner #1: The Sony MDR-XB1000 eXtra Bass headphones. These babies tout extra bass, sport extra-sized earpads, and are considered the grown up, most refined EXTRA BASS Headphone of the XB series. Known to pack an incredible bass wallop, these cans have been long revered for their bass...
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    Holy Grail of Head-fi Amps - Isabellina HPA?

    Hey all,   I spend a lot of time on the headphones section, I don't make it over here very often - so I'd like your opinion.   I have a nice little collection of headphones (see sig). Looking to add in a pair of high-end open cans in the future (probably HD800 for classical). My two...
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    New 7th Gen iPod Nano Guts Exposed

    Here is a detailed look at the inside of the new Nano. For those of you familiar with what the various DAC chips actually look like, I'm interested in if there's a new one. It doesn't mention the DAC, but most aren't interested in it anyway.   Could provide clues on the iPhone 4S DAC.  ...
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    Analog vs. Digital

    Check out this video. It is a brief introduction to the pros and cons to each format by recording engineers of both formats, resulting in a blind test done by "audiophile engineers." Watch to see the final synopsis!
  9. SoundFreaq

    Foobar2000 EQ

    I am continually upgrading my system. I have always been a fan of the iTunes interface for its ease of organization. Well, as I peruse these forums and keep spending money, I can't help but notice that Foobar seems to be the player of choice around here. With it receiving so much recognition, I...
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    Looking to improve SA5000 setup

    I have had my 5000's for over a year now and I absolutely love them in every way. My music demands a lot of attention to the high-end and, of course they perform with grandiose performance. Take a glance at my signature. What is the best thing I can do to my setup? I simply have Monster...
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    Upgrading source

    I indeed to upgrade my source. I primarily listen on my M^3 (627/637) to SA5000 system. I currently source from an Audigy 2 from my laptop, but I finally have a desktop up and running and want to purchase a card. I don't want to spend much more than approximately $100 or so. Someone recommended...
  12. SoundFreaq

    OPA627 or OPA627/637 combo for M3/SA5Ks

    I am ordering my M3 for my 5Ks and everyone I talked to recommended the OPA627/637 combo. The builder (Stephen S. of Rockhopper) recommends OPA627 since you won't have the gain constrictions that the OPA637 present. He says the output gain may be a little high with the 637. Thoughts? Also, he...
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    I know you guys will have the answer

    Finally, a group of people that know what the heck they're talking about! I'm sure you get new poster questions like this all the time, thanks for your patience. OK guys, here's what I want. I want a pair of headphones that well, simply sound mind-blasting glorious. I know you guys have...