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  1. Long813

    Weight Lifters Fi

    Quote: Berk and Lyle are great sources of info. They  teach the truth, against the common bro science. Most people think you have to change your life completely to be fit - eatting scheduals, more protein etc. but it's false.
  2. Long813

    pencil fi?

    I can't comment on that, but I pencil I used to use is the Zebra M402, the reason I disliked it was b/c it was quite bulky around the grip - to each their own, as this is the engineering pencil of choice at my school. They do write very smooth though, and the weight is nice.  ...
  3. Long813

    pencil fi?

    Same here! On the 10th day, it just arrived. No updates from USPS, but what ever, I got the rotring and I love it! I've started writing things down just for an excuse to use it, I love the look, the feel and the smoothness (due to the weight).   It definitely shows off an engineering...
  4. Long813

    Weight Lifters Fi

    Ugh is a joke place riddled with fallacy information - or broscience. My lifting schedual goes in and out due to school, but now that it's all over, I can finally commit to it again.
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    pencil fi?

    My package has been idle in LA since the 17th, why in the hell hasn't it moved its way to me yet! I'm quite sure there is a lot more movement before it crosses the border.
  6. Long813

    pencil fi?

    I've tried different lead hardnesses before (B,H), but for writing, the strength and darkness in the HB is perfect for me. Used some leadholders as well, at the 2mm size.
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    Got a squirt ES4, or an E4 ... I can't remember at the moment. I use it daily for all my circuit design - great piece of equipment I can't be without.
  8. Long813

    pencil fi?

    I'd check out for better prices than From what I've seen, it's a lot cheaper in comparison.
  9. Long813

    The AKG Infomation Thread

    Just put an order in for the K240 MK II's. Can't wait to own them. My roommate has the K240 Studios, but where I am, It's more economic to just get the MK II's - plus, I do like the black better. They will go good with the sound EQ I like and my acoustic recordings.
  10. Long813

    Some retro 'phones

        Here's a set of phones I found in my power lab at school. They don't look to special, but they are old! Next day I'm going to go and see what they were apart of - maybe even take them home.   Enjoy,    
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    ++ FULL-SIZE HEADPHONE RECOMMENDATIONS THREAD++ CLOSED: Please post a thread in the Introductions, Help and Advice forum

    Im back to the search. I'm looking for a well balanced headphone (so I think). I listen to various types of music, electronic, acoustics, jazz blues etc. I was originally looking at Grado's, but then heard that they are quite bright.   Would grado's still be a decent choice?, or...
  12. Long813

    Marshall Headphones Major

    Quote: That depends on who you talk to and what about. Their SS line of amps are garbage (old MOS series was good), their tubes are great, but again it when you add the cost into the equation, things can change.
  13. Long813

    Best PCB program under $500?

    I've used gEDA at work for quite some time and I very much hate it. I find that it's very sluggish in it's operation, but the company likes it's price, so I have to stick with it.    
  14. Long813

    Fellow Canadians rejoice! ATH-M50 for $109 + USPS Shipping!

    What is the sound that these will produce? Looking into a new entry level set and this price seems right.
  15. Long813

    ++ FULL-SIZE HEADPHONE RECOMMENDATIONS THREAD++ CLOSED: Please post a thread in the Introductions, Help and Advice forum

    Any recommendations on retailers that will ship Grado's to Canada with out ridiculous price increases? Or a recommendation on other headphones for entry level (sub $100) that aren't ridiculous on the bass?   Apparently grado's have a nice mid range and are quite flat in response, which is...
  16. Long813

    Valab NOS DAC, did I butcher it? EXPERT needed.

    Quote: I would be interested in articles explaining this phenomenon as I cannot wrap my head around it.  
  17. Long813

    Valab NOS DAC, did I butcher it? EXPERT needed.

    Quote: Well, since I was just basing my explaination off of the suggestion of someone else saying that the caps look like they are backwards, I'm not certain that it was your problem. If the device works, then the caps aren't hooked up improperly.    
  18. Long813

    Valab NOS DAC, did I butcher it? EXPERT needed.

    Quote: Electrolytic capacitors have a polarity [ + and - ]. These types only function in one specific way, if they are hooked up in reverse, they will be reverse-biased and most likely be destroyed.   Below are through hole and surface mount types of polarized capacitors. The stripe...
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    Quote: I was going to say, this seems a lot like falstad. It's a great concept, and seem to be implemented well.  
  20. Long813

    Valab NOS DAC, did I butcher it? EXPERT needed.

    Quote: Do you know if the caps were polarized? Was one leg longer than the other?  
  21. Long813

    Gaming headsets that stand out

    Quote: Oh so it's computer your on. I can attest that the 5.1 isn't 'gimmicky'. In FPS games like COD, the positional cue's are very important, they can be lived without though. BUT, it's at a compromise of sound quality - that being said, a console limits the options. On a pc, they do...
  22. Long813

    The Worst Singer Ever?

    Quote: Auto tune can't even fix that train wreck.
  23. Long813

    Sigh.....You can only show a horse where the water is.....

    The same happens to me in respect to beer/guitars and weight lifting form. There is nothing you can do - a random person has 0 input to a decision that will be made.   But if that person has 0 knowledge, but not random, well you know..
  24. Long813

    What makes a hard drive reliable ??

    Quote: Are you having severe virus problems? What's your security set up like? and what you're current problem?   Quote: I'd agree that that is one of the top causes of failure. Another issue is if externals get knocked around quite a bit while the disk is writing...
  25. Long813

    Science behind burn in

    Quote: There is some merit to that example - some. In designs that require specific calibrations, ie resistor bridges, a 1% resistor tolerance can destroy the sensitivity and/or linearity of the measurements. This though, it a poorly engineered way to take a measurement.   I agree...