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  1. TomatoTen

    Portable Amp for V moda m80s and sansa clip+?

    which portable amp should i get..i've been looking at the zo2, but it seems i really getting my money's worth here?  also, do i really need an amp for the m80s....i heard that they're perfectly fine unamped. plus, the sansa clip+ is supposed to have great sq...
  2. TomatoTen

    cheap amp/sound card total under $70

    hi   i'm looking for an amp and an external usb sound card for the beyer dt 770 pro 250 ohm? this will always sit stationary on my desktop, so i'm not looking for portable solutions. also, the sound card needs to have dolby digital technology (i plan on using stereo for gaming and such)  ...
  3. TomatoTen

    suggestions please: <$180 USD, Electro and Pop, closed full size headphones? also need amp/usb sound card recommendations

    so far i've looked at:    beyerdynamic 770 pro 250 ohms bd 880 bd 990 sennheiser 558 sh 598 creative aurvana live   reqs:   -comfortable (so ath-50 is a no-no) -new (so d2k is a no-no) -bass -less than $180 usd, including shipping -i'd like to buy from amazon...