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  1. nickyboyo

    Replacement cable for ER4's ?

    Good day folks,   I have just caught my ER4 cable once again, and the sound has dropped out of one of the channels. I have emailed Etymotic enquiring about a replacement cable, but after my last dealing with them, as good as their service was, it reeks of effort just to replace a cable.  ...
  2. nickyboyo

    West Sydney "mini" meet

    Here we go folks, please post your impressions here, and any photo's you all may have. A quick post from me, just to get the ball rolling. To be honest, an absolutely outstanding meet. Purely on the equipment level, there was nothing that i was underwhelmed with after listening to. The...
  3. nickyboyo

    R.I.P. Eartha Kitt

    A very sad day with huge losses to the art world, firstly, rest in peace Eartha Kitt, the original sex kitten. There is only one catwoman Also it is very sad to see Harold Pinter has passed away, a great playwright, who's work's were hugely successful on the stage and on the big screen.
  4. nickyboyo

    Fantastic music you have found through the "What are you listening to now" thread...

    Firstly folks, happy Christmas to you all- have a good one peeps Secondly, what new music which you consider to be good to sublime by posting and looking at what different folks are listening to in the "What are you listening to now" thread??? My diamond find is without a doubt Patricia...
  5. nickyboyo

    Cable run length??

    I'm after a bit of advice here folks if possible. I have read on various posts, especially in the "show us your build" thread, that when placing your volume pot within the amp's enclosure, ideally, it needs to be positioned to keep the wiring/cable run as short as possible from the pot to...
  6. nickyboyo

    Foobar help.

    I am hoping somebody here can answer a simple question for me and maybe point me in the right direction.... I have been using Foobar v0.8 since it was released years ago, it is a very nice "no bells and whistles" player. I have tried the newer v0.9 version, but i always end up going back to...
  7. nickyboyo

    Example of Aussie shipping and help please..

    Good day folks, here is a good example of the pains us Aussies have to go through in obtaining components from American sources- I am after the capacitors required to carry out Dr.Xin's mod to my sony srf-s83 radio. 4 mini capacitors in total, if bought singularly less than $1. Total shipping...
  8. nickyboyo

    Congratulations Webby

    I have just received the news that a good friend and a valued member of the head-fi community- webbie64, has just taken delivery of the next generation of audiophiles. All the very best Ian to you and your wife on the birth of young Joshua, little brother to Ben. I am sure if his fathers...
  9. nickyboyo

    Sansa clip or express?

    Looking for a bit of advice from anyone who has listened to both the Sansa express and the clip. My Meizu E3 has finally died on me, it was a superb player and if i could obtain a new one i would in a heartbeat, but that is easier said than done. I am very interested in the Sansa clip and...
  10. nickyboyo

    3.5mm output socket

    Hello folks, i'm hoping somebody can help me out here. Does anybody have any Kycon STX-3100-9 1/8" output sockets going spare?
  11. nickyboyo

    Aircraft electrical cable

    Are there any people out there who work on aircraft, especially avionic tradespeople who have experience with various MS aircraft grade cables. I have seen in my workplace various cable on reels, eg. silver coated copper cable and tin coated copper cable. Has anybody tried using some MS cable...
  12. nickyboyo

    Penguin amp re-box

    Hello folks, my penguin amp box is beginning to literally fall apart at the seams. Could any one please point me in right direction as to where i could buy some nice extruded aluminium box section? Or suggest something else which would be suitable to make a mini amp box out of?