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  1. apnk

    westone 2 filter poked

     Most likely not since it was your fault but still give them a call and ask. A few years ago I sent in a pair of UM2's for filter replacement and they charged me $10.   Quote:  
  2. apnk

    any reviews for ipod nano 7G?

    That's good to know, so you can now save a few bucks and buy a refurbished 16gb nano for the price of a new 8gb direct from Apple.     Quote:  
  3. apnk

    Watches - another passion of ours, it your pics!

    This is like the third or fourth time I've posted this watch, but (it is my favorite) this time it's a different strap.     
  4. apnk

    If you still love Etymotic ER4, this is the thread for you...

    It clips only to the pod in the middle.   Quote:  
  5. apnk


    Quote: I do, the ER4 is like a 2 in 1 iem. Just get a 75ohm adapter and boom you have a S model 
  6. apnk

    Beyer DT1350 vs. Senn HD25-1 II

    The Beyers sound very interesting, I wish they came with velor pads too, I hate the pleather stuff.
  7. apnk

    the er4s challenge

    Agreed.   Quote:
  8. apnk

    etymotic vs re0 vs triplefi

    I prefer the ER4p's as well, to me the triples sound weird, almost fake sounding and I hated the lack of mids.   Quote:
  9. apnk

    Broke College student wants to escape the clutches of stock ear buds armed with $30

    Koss PortaPro 32 bucks off Amazon, nuff said. EDIT: Oops I should read the whole thing before I posted lol. EDIT AGAIN: Dude unless you like to blow your ears out I don't think the portapros will be a problem IMO.
  10. apnk

    Westone 4 Impressions and Reviews Thread

      They won't open the shells? A few years ago I had a pair of UM2's that needed new filters and the only way they could do that was to crack the shell and then reshell them. Oh and they charged me 10 bucks.   (BTW I meant the cable replaced not the whole iem.)   Quote:
  11. apnk

    Westone 4 Impressions and Reviews Thread

    Um, with all this cable talk, just fyi I believe that iem's with the non user replaceable cables can have the cable replaced you just have to send it in to Westone (which isn't as easy as doing it yourself I guess).     BTW I like the non detachable cables, they fit better in my ear I think. 
  12. apnk

    Senneiser HD25-1 II, does it look cheap? POOL

    It may look cheap but it doesn't feel cheap, it just works.
  13. apnk

    Fake: Koss Porta pro

    How much did you pay, if you dont mind? Don't know where you're from but on Amazon (USA) they're 32 bucks with free shipping.
  14. apnk

    TripleFi 10: Tinny buzzing at certain frequencies?

      Oh I see didnt catch the one channel thing. Haha, yeah I thought my UE's sounded great on "acoustic" until I found a bass heavy song. Quote:
  15. apnk

    TripleFi 10: Tinny buzzing at certain frequencies?

    Also are you using any personalized eq settings on your player? For example, ipods are famous for their distorting eq.  
  16. apnk

    Best Sennheiser on-ear or over-ear headphones on the go

    Go for the HD25's. They're tough so I am sure they can take your hardcore jogging lol. Look around you might be able to get them for $150ish, I got mine for 150 on fleebay from an AD. 
  17. apnk

    DEAL ALERT Ultimate Ears TripleFi 10 Earphones $94.99 @ Amazon

    Mine are estimated to be delivered around the 3rd to the 8th, but have not shipped yet, only the cd I ordered shipped.
  18. apnk

    Sennheiser or bust?

    I agree, I use mine with my DroidX and Ipod classic all the time and I am happy with the sound. They're 70 ohms and my phone and ipod can run them fine.   Quote:
  19. apnk

    SOLD OUT. Amazon deal of the day- 10 $95

    Just bought, wow first headphone purchase and Head Fi post in a long time.
  20. apnk

    Why aren't Head-fi'ers more excited about the DT990/600?

    I like my 32ohm DT990's, but the recessed mids are very noticeable and they sound somewhat boring when I make the switch from my Grados, but when I don't listen to my Grados they sound fine lol . 
  21. apnk

    Best FLAC converter??

    I use XrecodeII to convert my FLACs to ALACs, but you can convert to any format yo want.
  22. apnk

    er-4p red and blue vs black

    No difference, Etymotic ER4P has been all black for a few years now. The ER4S is still red/blue. So when ordering make sure on the model before placing the order.
  23. apnk

    Any suggestions on how to keep your headphones smelling good?

    Take a shower once in a while, it's your head that stinks not the headphones! J/K