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    Gaming-focused news sources?

    Hi everyone, I'm very out of the loop when it comes to interesting new games (and old ones for that matter; my ignorance extends years back) and I'd like to discover cool new and upcoming releases to try. What sources do you guys follow for game development news? Thanks
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    Have there been any latency studies?

    Hello there Head-Fiers!, I was curious if there have been any studies conducted to determine how much latency a bluetooth connection must have before the average person will notice a lag. Unsynchronized lip movement during dialogue in movies being an example. Have any studies of this sort been...
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    Would any Bluetooth headphones work as a gaming headset for Xbox One?

    Hello! Would any pair of Bluetooth headphones function as a gaming headset for my Xbox One? I am specifically wondering if the microphone functionality should work. I currently own a pair of Sennheiser HD1 wired headphones with a mic in the cable, but when I plug them into my Xbox controller (I...
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    So, who manufactures quality new production tubes?

    Hello, I wasn't exactly sure where I should post this thread, so I posted it in a few different subforums to get the most views and, hopefully, the most diverse range of answers. I was wondering what manufacturers are out there making new tubes that are high quality. I know that most users here...
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    The "Dude Flick" Movie Club

    I have decided to tweak the focus of this thread a little. Even before creating this thread, I toyed with the idea of creating this "dude flick movie club" as I call it, in which people can post their favorites and also discuss all things dude flick related. I know that Head-Fi already has a...
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    Hard alternative rock recommendations?

    Hello there Head-Fiers. I'm trying to develop my rock library (it is very pathetic at the moment) and was wondering if anyone has recommendations for hard alternative rock music that is well produced. I do not like metal music, so please stick to hard rock recommendations. The recommendations...
  9. Double-A

    What is a dependable tower PC manufacturer?

    Hello Head-Fiers, what is a dependable manufacturer of tower PCs? I think I've seen a lot of businesses/schools using Dell, if I remember correctly. Are they onto something? I think, at some point, I would like to purchase a modular tower PC, because it seems to me that that would be cheaper...
  10. Double-A

    Custom-tipped SE215s don't have much sound isolation

    I've been using the Sensaphonics custom sleeves for my Shure SE215s for several months now and am a little disappointed with how little sound they block. Is it because the sleeves are made of silicone? Actual CIEMs are made from a different material, aren't they? I can't afford (or justify...
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    How easy would it be to desolder some of the chips in my old Macbook and then re-solder them?

    Hello everyone, I've been wanting to learn how to solder for years now and this fall, I am going to begin working towards a degree in electronics. I have a Macbook Pro that is a few years old and has quit working (If I'm remembering correctly, it is a 2011 model). I haven't gotten around to...
  12. Double-A

    Does the Echo Dot sound better than the iPhone 6?

    Hello everyone. I was wondering if, from a subjective point of view, the Echo Dot sounds better and gets louder than the speaker on the iPhone 6. I imagine that it does, but I wanted to make sure before I purchase one. Thank you.
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    Who cares if the Illuminati exists?

    Originally posted to Reddit by myself. TL;DR summary in second screenshot.
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    The official smart speaker discussion and review thread

    Hello everybody, what do you think of Apple's upcoming smart speaker? Does it look worthy of the audiophile stamp of approval? Post your thoughts! I'm hoping it isn't using Beats audio technology . . . EDIT: I have decided to expand this thread into a discussion and review thread for all smart...
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    Trying Reddit for the first time, recommendations for communities?

    Hello there Head-Fiers, as I mentioned in the title of this thread, I am trying Reddit for the first time and I was wondering if anybody had recommendations for subreddits. They don't neccesarily have to be audio-related, but I would prefer for the communities to be smaller in size (not with...
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    Recommendations for other good forums?

    Hi all, I've lost a lot of the passion that I once had for audiophilism (though it isn't completely gone), but I still enjoy belonging to an online community such as this, and I still have an interest in the tech industry in general. So I was wondering if any of you had some good recommendations...
  17. Double-A

    Twitter 24/7 live video news coverage coming this fall

    I recently read an article that I found interesting and wanted to share with this community: Apparently, Twitter has plans to create a section of their website that will stream news in the format of live video 24/7. Right...
  18. Double-A

    Good film programs in Arizona or Washington?

    Hello, does anybody know of any good film programs in Arizona or Washington that are reasonably affordable (well, as reasonably affordable as receiving an education can be these days anyway)? Are ASU's film programs the way to go, or are there other good programs I should consider? Thanks a...
  19. Double-A

    The iPhone 8 rumors thread

    Hello fellow Head-Fiers, with the recent dramatic and highly controversial change that came to the iPhone 7 (you know what change I speak of), and because of the fact that I believe next year is going to be possibly a year of similarly dramatic change for the iPhone due to the fact that the...
  20. Double-A

    Who is/are the premier accreditation authority/authorities for sound engineering programs?

    Hello, the question is in the title. If anybody can lend me a helping hand it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  21. Double-A

    Does anybody have experience with the computer manufacturer System76?

    Hello, I was just wondering if anybody has any experience with System76's "Gazelle" laptop, or any of the conpany's computers in general.
  22. Double-A

    Beyer leather head cushion for SRH-840 and 99 Classics?

    Hi everyone, I am wondering if anybody has replaced the headbands of either the Shure SRH-840s or the Meze 99 Classics with this Beyerdynamic leather head cushion. The headband for the Meze 99 Classics looks to be too wide for this product, but I am hopeful that somebody has tried it with the...
  23. Double-A

    Do you think that the movie "Krampus" will be any good?

    I'm not normally a fan of the contemporary horror flick, but I think that it is an interesting idea for a horror movie and it could be good, if done correctly. For those who don't know, the being known as 'Krampus' is a 'horned, anthropomorphic figure who punishes children during the Christmas...
  24. Double-A

    Sound editing programs close to Tempe, Arizona?

    Hello Arizona Head-Fiers, I am considering going to school for a degree in sound editing and I am moving to Tempe coming up soon. Does anybody know of a program that I could enroll into that is close to Tempe? Any help is much appreciated, thank you.
  25. Double-A

    Is there any non-synthetic headband padding that I could mod my SRH840s with?

    Hello everybody, I am a snob who would like to replace the pleather headband on my SRH840s with a different material that is not synthetic. I don't care if it is leather, cotton based velour, or something else. I just don't want something that is made out of some sort of fake leather or...