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  1. m1ku

    Fiio E10k issue

    I have similar issue just like this post from 2015 and for mine, it happened on my fifth or sixth year of using it, its gone so horrible that just by skipping one youtube video, I can get the distortion twice or even three times. Even worst when I'm playing a FPS game and it distorts right at...
  2. m1ku

    dac under $100

    the cans that I'm using is K7xx and se215 iem. I'm interest in getting a good dac that have almost no distortions and no hiss. Right now, I'm looking at E10k and Nuforce uDac3. Are they good choice? or there are better ones in the price range?
  3. m1ku

    strange sound at the beginning of some songs

    I'm using my UE600 earbuds and Nexus 4 (cm10.1, dsp manager, play music app). When I play some songs, it has this strange and annoying sound, sometimes high pitch or a loud boom depends on the song, for a second or less before playing the song. It did not happen on my computer with the same...
  4. m1ku

    [another thread...] Headphone around $200

    Hi, I have been reading a lot of threads on the forum before posting one. While some have answered my questions, I still have some unanswer...   I am looking for any headphone that is under $200. Thinking about buying it during Black Friday...   I heard many people suggest the m50, srh840...