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  1. Mompy7777

    Best $200 DAC AMP combo for Sennheiser HD650???

    Hi Next week I will be getting my HD 6XXs from Massdrop and I don't have anything decent for connecting them I just got a gift card from Amazon for $150 so I was wondering if you guys can recommend me a good DAC/AMP combo for around $200 available on that site, crossing fingers for Black...
  2. Mompy7777

    Help choosing "portable" AMP/DAC option for Sennheiser HD 560

    Hi guys, I will be getting my HD 6XX on december and Im researching on the best option for a DAC/AMP on the go for my work laptop (worst soundcard ever!), also if they are able to run on my Galaxy S7 that would be awesome! Until now these are my options, my budget is $500 - $550: AudioQuest...