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  1. joshua

    Dedicated PCs vs portable music players

    Hi folks,   What're your opinions on getting a dedicated audio PC (CAPS or PPA) vs spending the money (the same amount, really) on a high-end PMP (e.g. HiFiMAN HM-901s)? I'm mainly concerned with source quality, since I already have the other elements of a computer music chain (DAC, amp).  ...
  2. joshua

    Recommendation for a 4 pin XLR Splitter

    Am looking for the above mentioned item so I can hook up two balance-cabled Senn HD800s to a Little Dot Mk VIII SE (a balanced headphone amp).   So far I've found this, but am not sure if it's good, let alone suitable,   Referrals to...
  3. joshua

    ALO Cotton Mini to mini

    Hi all, Have been wondering about the value of the ALO Cotton mini to mini. For a fat piece of wire 6 inches long it 130+ seems like a hefty price to pay. I'm using it to link up a Minibox E+ with a Cowon D2/Yamaha Clavinova and was wondering how it performs compared to the cable that comes...