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  1. nanu

    EarMen TR-Amp - Donald DAC - USB DAC - Preamp - Headphone Amp – Battery powered, ES9038Q2M, 400mW, 3700mA Battery, MQA rendering, SNR +128dB SNR A-Weighted (Discussion Thread Earmen)

    White Device is ON Green Connected / PCM Magenta MQA Cyan DSD Red (flashing) Battery is < 20% Blue (flashing) Charging
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    Cayin N3Pro DAP: Dual AK4493 and MQA with Vacuum Tube

    Not this one, it uses a Korg Nutube I am guessing
  3. nanu

    Cayin iHA-6 - US Tour and reviews

    That is normal, XLR is designed to operate at 4 to 6v while RCA uses around 2v, the final volume is matched to be the same.
  4. nanu

    Cayin iHA-6 - US Tour and reviews

    yes both 1/4" and 4-pin XLR can be used together to drive a total of 3 headphones at the same time.
  5. nanu

    Hifiman R2R2000 Red vs Cayin N6II vs Sony WM1A

    In my experience the Arya can be very choosy of what its plugged into. I would assume other characteristics of the Amp affect the sound to a larger extent than just the mW, for example the high current mode on the iHA6 sounded best with the Arya.
  6. nanu

    Hifiman R2R2000 Red vs Cayin N6II vs Sony WM1A

    I am surprised the Arya is doing well with the 500mW output of the r2r2k Red. Admittedly I have myself not tried the combination. I had a week long audition of the Arya out of a Cayin iHA6 over singe ended output, the OI on it was 10Ohms and it sounded terrible, vocals were thin and low end body...
  7. nanu

    Cayin iHA-6 - US Tour and reviews

    yes it has developed a fault in the BAL out, I need to send it out for repairs, but I'm sure this is just one of the very few such cases in an otherwise reliable track record.
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    2 more that I know of Headamp raysamuelsaudio
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    New Member Introductions thread

    Hi Everyone, Joined here after a decade of lurking, have been into audio since I started messing with dad's vintage tape decks when I was 12. My own collection started with a NuForce NE-7M IEM and soon after Grado SR-225 and Corda2Move. This was in 2005 I think, since then there has been no...