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  1. Firevortex

    KingRex T20 + K1000 impressions/review

    Well I just received my T20 + PSU today. Currently I have the amp running for 4 hrs. which is not much in terms of burn in so consider my impressions as how this amp sounds right out of the box. When I picked up the package today I was surprised to see how small and light the box feels. It...
  2. Firevortex

    KingRex T20 an K1000 amp?

    so i was browsing the 6moon audio reviews today and found this upon reading the review it peaked my interest in this unit as the reviewer gave it the bluemoon award and mentioned how warm it sounded like a tube amp. would this unit...
  3. Firevortex

    AV710 is worse then $100 dvd player!?

    i got curious today and pulled out a old dvd player collecting dust from storage and did a A/B test with my current AV710. i'm using optical out from AV710 to my zhaolu and RCA to my dvd player. i synced the same cd for a easier compare. the results surprised me sound coming from the old dvd...
  4. Firevortex

    Chinese amps specifically build for K1000

    been doing some research for my k1000 project and came across a few chinese amps desiged specifically to drive the K1000 with pretty decent feed back. just curious if any one here have tried them? or even heard about them? both of them cost around $500-$600USD TA 8PK not sure about...
  5. Firevortex

    help! ears suffocating! need recommendations

    well i currently own a A900LTD i love those cans in a sonic way but I’m the type of person who has higher then avg body temp so i could only listen to them for max 2hrs before i have to take it off to cool off my ears. Summer is setting in here so there is no way i can put those on my head...
  6. Firevortex

    More A900LTD on ebay :)

    to those who missed out on bennys sale. i guess they havent sold out after all in HongKong. $265 is pretty decent price btw. i'm not the seller...just though this might be of interest to ppl who missed out.
  7. Firevortex

    DT880 vs A900LTD

    hi guys i'm new to the full size headphone scene, i'll be making my first purchase soon. i've been reading alot of good things about those two head sets but cant seem to find a post that compares them. so which one is better? any help appricated