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  1. fishbone

    ALO Rx Mk2 + DT770/600Ohms ?

    Hi everyone,   I currently have an ALO Rx Mk2 as a portable HP amp, and I would like to buy a Beyerdynamic DT770 as a portable cans (commuting and work) and I have in fact 2 questions :   1/ Is the ALO Rx Mk2 strong enough to drive the 600Ohms version ? Or Should I get the 250Ohms one...
  2. fishbone

    New PC Sound Card to run an external Amp

    Hi,   I would like to upgrape my PC sound card (actually have an Audigy LS for mostly games) to a PC sound card for music to run those setups : PC -> Rudistor NX-03 -> D7000 and PC -> Edifier C2   Do you have some advices or recommandation ? Thanks !