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    Monoprice Monolith THX 887 - Impressions Thread

    Using this newly received THX 887 along with my chord 2qute and like what I'm hearing so far. Very clean sounding amp. Does using higher gain settings degrade the sound in any way? I need to put it on gain 2 to get the volume I want with my beyerdynamic DT1990's.
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    Highly Regarded Balanced SS/Hybrid AMP under $1000

    I fixed my Matrix m-stage hpa-3b by putting some new sparkos labs opamps in it and it sounds great. Still burning them in but so far sounds phenomenal. I think I'm going to wait for the Monolith by Monoprice THX AAA 887 after all the Massdrop 789 hype. I think that price point is the sweet spot...
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    Matrix M-Stage amp review: simple, cheap, and excellent.

    I concur with this I haven't been able to get away from the HD6XX and HPA-3B in balanced mode lately even with my array of headphones and amps.
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    Bang for the buck DAC 2017 under $1k

    Have you tried the Qutest yet? How does it compare to the 2Qute?
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    Matrix M-Stage amp review: simple, cheap, and excellent.

    Yeah I'm so tempted to jump on the CTH I'm attracted to hifi products at mid-fi prices. It's supposed to bring the Senn HD6XX to life as well. Massdrop currently doesn't have the Liquid Carbon in stock so I'll have to wait.
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    [Rec] IEMs around $200

    Noble just released the EDC Velvet as well. I'm waiting on reviews on those. I'm not sure about the 1More Quads but the RE-600s is neutral and has a tight crisp bass. Very much a step up from the RE-400.
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    [Rec] IEMs around $200

    Look on Amazon.
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    [Rec] IEMs around $200

    +1 for the RE600s V2. I see them on sale for $99, can't beat that.
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    DT880 to what?

    I just wanted to chime in and say I've been using the DT1990 almost exclusively since I bought them. Highly recommended. I also use the DT880's from time to time(addicting treble). My DT990's and X2's don't get nearly as much attention, I do use the X2's for the occasional movie viewing. I do...
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    Matrix M-Stage amp review: simple, cheap, and excellent.

    So you just need 2 OPA827AID's and a browndog adapter to do the mod? I'll admit the stock HPA-1 makes headphones like my Fidelio X2's sound a little to boomy and as someone else mentioned it does the same to the HD650 which makes sense. However my Beyers sound great on the HPA-1 so it's all...
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    Oppo Sonica DAC (an affordable ES9038PRO Sabre DAC)

    I think that what someone else mentioned is correct in that you have to spend at least a week or two with each DAC to really realize a difference. Once you get used to one sound signature you'll either dislike or like the other better.
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    Bang for the buck DAC 2017 under $1k

    Matrix m-stage HPA-1/3B and Feliks Elise Tubes. Really only considering SS amps right now but I need a good DAC for sure. I'm using a STX sound card right now.
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    USB DAC/Amp with mic input jack?

    The new Burson Play. Someone buy it and tell me how it sounds!
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    Matrix M-Stage amp review: simple, cheap, and excellent.

    I found a mint HPA-3B on the used market for $280 and jumped on it. Excited to see how it sounds! Now I just need a DAC.. I'm still leaning towards the Burson Play w/ V6 Vivid op-amps. I've also heard a lot of hype about the Gustard X20 DAC. So hard to decide.. As far as the Emotiva I think...
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    Matrix M-Stage amp review: simple, cheap, and excellent.

    I read back in the thread you had success w/ the LME49990 opamps in your HPA-1. How many do you need? Do you think these opamps would work in the HPA-3B as well? I wonder how Burson opamps would sound but I read that they're prone to overheating.
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    Matrix M-Stage amp review: simple, cheap, and excellent.

    I bought the HE-4XX as my first planar headphone, I was considering the HE560's but didn't want to break the bank at the time. I also own the Beyer 1990 Pro's and DT880's 600ohm which scale with better equipment. I already own a good tube amp so I'm only looking for a balanced SS amp and dac for...
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    Matrix M-Stage amp review: simple, cheap, and excellent.

    I've been researching a bit for the ultimate computer audio system for under a $1000 that's a worthy successor to my STX sound card and HPA-1. I've read that an external DAC usually produces better sound than a sound card and I've read some buzz about the new Burson Play that just came out. I'll...
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    ASUS Xonar Essence STX II

    I'm also wanting to upgrade from my STX. I'm trying to decide if the STX II upgrade is worth it or if a opamp upgrade is enough. Ultimately my setup will be: STX II w/ 3x Sparkos SS3602 or Burson V5 or V6 --> RCA(Cable+ Pro?) --> Matrix m-stage amp --> Balanced Senn HD6XX/Hifi 4XX/Beyer 1990...
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    Matrix M-Stage amp review: simple, cheap, and excellent.

    I've looked at the Gustard H10 before as well and i looks like a solid amp.. I do want to delve into balanced cables though, where do you get custom ones that are either braided and flexible and not as heavy? Massdrop actually has some balanced cables from Venture Electronics now that I'm...
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    Hifiman IEM's: RE-400 and RE-600

    I sent my RE-600's in for the RE-600 V2 replacement and they've been holding up great so far(2 months in). Love these earphones.. only others I'm interested in is the Grado GR10e.
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    「Official」Asian Anime, Manga, and Music Lounge

    Do we have a top 5 ecchi anime list? You know.. for science.
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    Beyerdynamic DT 1990 PRO - Beyer's open-back mastering headphone

    Returned my T1.1 for a DT 1990. Definitely loving the DT 1990 there really is something addicting about it. Still burning it in but can return with full impressions.
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    DT880 to what?

    I just returned my T1.1 for a DT 1990. The DT 1990 has a punchier bass a little like the DT 990 before it. The mids are a little more forward with the treble being clear but not as sparkly as the DT-880. Really enjoying the DT 1990 I feel they play well with a majority of genres. I also like...
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    HiFiMAN RE-600 IEM Upgrade Path

    I've been using my RE-600 v2 for a while now and they're great! No complaints and I can tell me build quality is better. Lets hope they last.
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    Feliks Audio Elise Impressions Thread – a New Start (please read first post for summary)

    The buzzing seems to have gone away on its own. Thanks though!