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  1. Patrickhat2001

    Game consoles and external DACs

    Does anyone have experience using a DAC with game consoles? I bring this up because in order to justify spending hundreds of dollars on a new DAC for myself I'd like to be able to use it not only for music (via my PC) and DVDs but also for my console games. However, I can't seem to find much...
  2. Patrickhat2001

    How do I connect the Sonic Impact T-Amp to an external battery?

    Newbie question here! Currently I'm powering my Sonic Impact T-Amp with a 12V 1500MA wall wart from RadioShack. It sounds great, but I'd like to try a beefier power supply to see if I can furtherer improve the sound. I'd like to try powering the amp with something like an external 12V...
  3. Patrickhat2001

    Going back for another undergraudate degree. Foolish?

    Yeah, I goofed up. I graduated in a field that I know I didn't want to pursue (Psychology, if you must know) but I thought I may as well finish it and see what life is like in the working world. Now it is increasing evident that I love business and should have been a business major. I am...
  4. Patrickhat2001

    What's your best dumpster diving find?

    Last Febuary my downstairs neighbor was moving out of his apartment. Besides some other junky furnature I noticed he had left a fairly new looking Viewsonic CRT monitor near the dumpster. Thinking the it probably didn't work I just let it sit there. Two days later the monitor was still sitting...
  5. Patrickhat2001

    Humorous verses in otherwise serious songs

    Atmosphere - "Finding a Balance" They love the taste of blood, now I don't know what that means but I know that I mean it Well, I'm glad you believe in what you're saying even if you don't know what you're saying. This verse makes be laugh every time I hear it because he sings it so...
  6. Patrickhat2001

    Why aren't all USB pen drives made to fit on key chains?

    Well, why not? That seems like half the point to me--not only can you store X times more data on them than on a floppy disk but you can (or at least should be able to) carry them with you wherever you go on a key chain. The key chain factor is also a large reason why pen drives have been getting...
  7. Patrickhat2001

    Post your favorite films

    It's been well over two years since a thread of this nature has appeared so I thought I'd give it a go. Here's my list, what's yours? All Quiet on the Western Front (1930) American Beauty (1999) American Graffiti (1973) American Psycho (2000) Annie Hall (1977) Apocalypse Now (1979)...
  8. Patrickhat2001

    As an audiophile should I fear animal dander?

    Here's the deal, I'm thinking about getting a cat but I fear that having such a creature around the house may damage my headphones/speakers. Because smoking is known to damage headphones/loudspeakers (coating the housing with soot) I'm thinking that animal dander would do the same thing. Are my...
  9. Patrickhat2001

    Does anyone else prefer copper cables on the HD580/600/650?

    As of late it seems as if everyone prefers one of the silver cables (Zu, Silver Dragon, Headphile) on the HD580/600/650. However, I don't--my favorite cables on my HD600s are the Equinox and the Oehlbach. I tried the Zu Mobius but found it sounding too thin, especially in the bass. Also the...
  10. Patrickhat2001

    24 bit padded to 32 bit decoding seems to do weird things to the sound

    Ever since I got my EMU 1212m a week or so ago I've been very pleased with the sound except something seemed wrong with the bass--the sound of the card was very detailed all throughout the frequency spectrum except for the bass which seem a little blurry in comparsion. I was a little dismayed by...
  11. Patrickhat2001

    Best way to transfer music between computers?

    Here's another question I've been wondering about. Over the next few months I'll be faced with the decission to either upgrade or buy a new computer. But if I get a new computer how will I transfer all of the music between my old computer to my new one? Is it as simple as installing network...
  12. Patrickhat2001

    Turning the CD3000 into an R-10, only a matter of time?

    This is something that's been on probably been on most people's minds ever since Larry (of Headphile) began offering his CD3K woody mods. Most people agree that the woody mods and various cable mods have improved the sound of the CD3000s but, thus far nothing has really being able to make them...
  13. Patrickhat2001

    Any reason why the SR-71 couldn't sound as good/better than the XP-7?

    This is something I've been wondering for a while now. Although I know that no one owns the SR-71 as of yet at every meet people say that it is VERY close to the sound of the HR-2. Those who have tried the XP-7 also say that it is very compariable to the HR-2 as long as you replace the stock op...
  14. Patrickhat2001

    Audiophile (and other Delta card) owners, can you get ASIO to work correctly?

    This thread is an offshoot from Jasper's original thread concerning problems with using the ASIO plugin for Foobar/Winamp on his Audiophile USB. Although he was eventually able to get ASIO to work by changing the output to 24/44.1 I have never been able to get it to work correctly with my...
  15. Patrickhat2001

    Review: Toshiba SD-3950 vs M-Audio Revolution--verdict?--a tie

    Here's a review of my new Toshiba SD-3950 DVD player vs my M-Audio Revolution soundcard. I'll keep it short and sweet. Final verdict--they're both great (especially for the money)--a tie The Toshiba excels in separation, dynamic range, and high-end extension--in these categories it blows...
  16. Patrickhat2001

    Differences between versions 1 and 2 of the Cardas Senn Cable?

    Sorry if this has been discussed before but I'm wondering what the differences are between versions 1 and 2 of of Cardas' replacment cable for Sennheiser's HD580/600/650 line of headphones. Does anybody know? Thanks, Patrick
  17. Patrickhat2001

    Are my A900s flawed?

    Ever since I got my A900s about five months ago I've been wondering what all the fuss was about--I've never thought these phones were all that great. Problem is, my A900s have actually been modded so I'm wondering if the modifaction performed may have changed their sound in an unsatisfactory...
  18. Patrickhat2001

    Could the Oehlbach cable be as good as Cardas, Equinox?

    Could the Oehlbach cable for Sennheiser HD580/600/650s be as good as other well respected (copper) aftermarket cables such as the Cardas and Equinox? A few Head-Fi members own the Oehlbach cable, but, unfortunately few of them seem to have experience with other aftermarket cables. Does anyone...
  19. Patrickhat2001

    A list of when all the headphones were born

    The purpose of this thread is two fold. First, it is to serve as a reference for anyone curious as to how long the most popular and well respected headphones have been on the market. Second, it is to serve as a trivia game of sorts for fellow Head-Fiers as I will need your input in order to...
  20. Patrickhat2001

    How fast of a CPU is needed to reach the hights of upsampling?

    I'm currently thinking of upgrading my computer so I can improve upsampling performance when listening to music. If, at all possible I'd like to be able max out my settings--meaning within Foobar I'd like to run at 192 Khz with slow mode enabled, ASIO buffer set to "0" and ASIO thread priorty...
  21. Patrickhat2001

    Need help, computer is having trouble with upsampling

    Currently my computer is having trouble with upsampling so I'm thinking of upgrading, but I have a few questions-- If my computer is having trouble performing upsampling should I look into upgrading only my CPU or are other components also involved--like the size, speed and cache of the hard...
  22. Patrickhat2001

    Would you call the HD650 laid-back?

    Alrighty, almost everyone who has a HD650 says that it is a much more lively phone than the HD600--more lively in the sense that it has a better bass respones and a more lush midrange. But I'm wondering, would you who own the HD650s call them laid-back? Many call the HD600s laid-back but this...
  23. Patrickhat2001

    Need serious help with the ASIO plugin

    Could someone walk me through setting up the ASIO plug in for use with Foobar? I have already downloaded the plugin from this location -- but I don't know what to do next, all of the instructions are in Japanese!
  24. Patrickhat2001

    Does the RS1 have a larger soundstage than other Grado phones?

    I've seen it mentioned a few times that people perceive the RS1 as having a larger soundstage than other Grado phones. I have trouble believing this. Don't all Grado phones have the drivers in the same location thus keeping the drivers the same distance from the ears and creating the same sized...
  25. Patrickhat2001

    Looking for a cheap digital cam for posting pics on Head-Fi

    I'm looking for the cheapest digital camera possible. I want it for no other reason than to post pics of here on Head-Fi. Quality isn't that important as long as it gets the job done. I see a lot of $100 digi-cams in department stores--would any of them suffice? Any advice would be appreciated.